IoT in Action Amsterdam 2020: learn about IoT-powered Smart Cities

IoT Business News recommends: IoT in Action Amsterdam (Netherlands) on January 27

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We are living in an age where the very idea of what it means to be a city is being redefined. Cities are evolving from mere forms of government—powered by breakthroughs in IoT, AI, and cloud platforms—to become the bridge between citizens, businesses, academia and the government itself.

Join us in Amsterdam for a transformative event that dives into what it means to be a smart city

Experience firsthand how cities are leveraging IoT technology platforms to drive unprecedented increases in efficiency, safety, livability, and overall quality of life. Network directly with the companies discussing their experiences on stage and see how you can partner together to transform cities and collective experiences.

We will address how cities are undergoing a massive digital transformation driven by the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0). From tackling tough challenges like climate change and aging populations to designing and implementing custom IoT solutions – the lessons shared around architecting on the intelligent edge will change how you approach cities forever.

Underneath the social responsibility we have to shape the future of the world around us, this IoT in Action event will strive to answer the fundamental question of how you can implement technology in a scalable, manageable, sustainable, inclusive, and secure way. Take the first step toward enabling smart cities by registering today.

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