Sprint Announces International Expansion Of Curiosity™ IoT

Sprint Announces International Expansion Of Curiosity™ IoT

New Relationship with Telstra Extends Access to Australia, First Customer, Wagz Already Signed.

Sprint today announced that its ground-breaking Curiosity™ IoT platform will soon be available for customers in Australia thanks to a new relationship with Australia’s largest mobile network operator, Telstra.

The announcement is the first in a series of efforts by the company to enable international IoT solutions. Going beyond roaming, the relationship with Telstra will allow for local breakout in Australia, helping to improve roundtrip time and enabling better performance of customer’s IoT applications. Curiosity™ IoT service is expected to be available in Australia in the first half of 2020.

Ivo Rook, senior vice president of IoT and product development for Sprint, said:

“Curiosity IoT will add a new layer of capability to customer’s IoT needs in Australia.”

“We are thrilled to be working together with Telstra to extend our access with full visibility across deployments, helping our customers benefit from the Curiosity IoT platform when their business takes them to Australia.”

“Our agreement with Sprint makes it effortless for IoT customers with international needs to implement solutions in Australia, with access to local in-country profiles,” said Gerhard Loots, head of Global IoT solutions for Telstra. “Our local profiles will provide Curiosity IoT customers with a local point-of-presence in Australia which will be very helpful as a service differentiator, especially for latency sensitive applications.”

To cement the Telstra and Sprint relationship, one of the first customer deals has been inked with Wagz, an animal-loving connected pet company that offers smart tracking and feeding solutions. Wagz now has access to the Telstra network in Australia to extend its global reach through the Curiosity IoT platform.

“We are excited to continue with our mission to bring the connected pet lifestyle to families across the globe thanks to connectivity that enables our innovative technologies with Sprint Curiosity IoT,” said Wagz CEO, Terry Anderton. “From device and connectivity management to international expansion, Curiosity IoT continues to demonstrate true partnership with existing capabilities and plans.”

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