Kerlink and Smart Traffik Create LoRaWAN® Instore Retail-Analytics Solution

Kerlink and Smart Traffik Create LoRaWAN® Instore Retail-Analytics Solution

Plug-and-Play SmartBoxes Enable Retail Outlets to Create Personalized Shopper Experience & Build Brand.

Kerlink and Smart Traffik, a retail-analytics solution provider for brick-and-mortar merchants, have built a responsive end-to-end LoRaWAN® system that enables retail outlets to create personalized shopper experiences and build brand loyalty by enhancing visitor in-store journeys and improving the phygital transformation of the point of sale.

Built with Kerlink’s Low Power IoT Reference Design, the system combines Kerlink’s Wirnet™ iFemtoCell-evolution indoor gateways and its Wanesy™ Management Center with Smart Traffik’s instore data analytics solution and plug-and-play SmartBox.

The two companies also built a Wi-Fi tracking anchor that anonymously collects store visitors’ smartphone signals in real-time. The system then records/tracks shoppers’ journeys in stores, including time spent at specific displays or in various sections. Its combination with other data provides store owners and managers with valuable retail intelligence that can be used to increase foot traffic and sales, as well as measure effectiveness of marketing campaigns, thus increasing loyalty.

“Many studies have shown that today’s customer wants to be valued and recognized,” said Smart Traffik CEO Laurent Simonin. “More than three out of four shoppers like it when they receive product offers or promotions based on their purchasing history from a retailer, indicating a desire for a more-personalized shopping experience.”

“This new retail-analytics solution designed and built with Kerlink will empower retailers to get the smart data they need to better engage with their customers.”

The system, which was announced during the LoRa Alliance® Members Meeting in Amsterdam, is an upgrade of Smart Traffik’s existing in-store analytics IoT that was based on the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) standard. Like that system, the new solution created by Kerlink and Smart Traffik is fully compliant with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

“Working with Kerlink helped transform the solution into an IoT LoRaWAN® solution, bringing cost optimization and more flexibility and allowing it to be future-proof and scalable with the possibility to flexibly add additional use cases in the mid-term,” Simonin said.

Guillaume Boisgontier, Kerlink’s innovative products & solutions marketing manager, said the system developed with Smart Traffik is part of Kerlink’s strategy to complement its hardware portfolio with end-to-end software-and-hardware solutions that serve concrete use cases and allow customers to quickly improve ROI.

“We launched that strategy last year with the introduction of four dedicated end-to-end solutions – smart facility management, smart tracking & logistics, smart asset monitoring & smart building – with the help of several partners,” Boisgontier explained. “Smart Traffik is a new partner with which we are working jointly on the design of a future-proof solution that is unique and positions Kerlink in a new and promising vertical, smart retail.”

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