Fibocom Launches UNISOC 8910DM Powered LTE Cat.1 Module at Embedded World 2020

Fibocom Launches UNISOC 8910DM Powered LTE Cat.1 Module at Embedded World 2020

Fibocom, a leading provider of cellular embedded wireless module solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), to unveil its LTE Cat.1 module L610 at the 18th edition of Embedded World.

Fibocom L610, based on UNISOC 8910DM, the world’s first LTE Cat.1 bis chipset platform, is an industrial-grade LTE Cat.1 module with maximum speed up to 10Mbps.

What makes it more attractive is its high-performance capability compared with its affordability due to UNISOC’s good offer. It supports FDD-LTE/TDD-LTE/GSM long-distance communication and WiFi SCAN/Bluetooth short-range wireless transmission. Fibocom L610 has rich interfaces including UART/SPI/I2C/USB. Built-in LBS, Codec, supports TTS, recording, and VoLTE.

With the commercial launch of 5G, major operators are facing the operational challenges of 2G/3G/4G/5G parallel network and concurrent operation of four generations of users. From a long-term planning perspective, the implementation of 2G/3G network shutting down and 4G network migration is already the general trend in the world. Therefore, Fibocom L610 becomes the best migration choice for IoT users to make a smooth transition for their IoT projects in the future, as it meets the requirements of low-power consumption, and can also solve the CDMA/EVDO network re-framing problem.

Compared with NB-IoT and 2G modules, the Cat.1 module has advantages in network coverage, speed, and latency. Fibocom L610 is the ideal solution to accelerate the next trends of large-scale application of the IoT industries that require cost performance, low latency, wide-area coverage, and real-time communication speed. At present, Fibocom L610 series cover the network bands of major operators in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. In the future, it can be deployed in diversified application scenarios such as smart metering, asset tracking, public network intercom, industrial DTU, smart retailing, and shared hardware, etc.

Fibocom is able to provide a complete solution for IoT customers underlined by its strategy of “Module as a Service”, which is the cooperation of providing wireless module, PCB design, IoT application terminal, software platform, and connectivity management to support our customers in any stage of industry innovation and digitalization.

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