ZARIOT, New IoT Connectivity Provider, Is World’s First Global SIM With Signalling Security

ZARIOT, New IoT Connectivity Provider, Is World's First Global SIM With Signalling Security

In this era of connected chaos, ZARIOT, a new IoT connectivity provider, aims to restore order. With the proliferation of IoT devices, security concerns are increasing exponentially. There are daily headlines about security breaches costing enterprises and consumers millions as well as divulging sensitive data to bad actors.

ZARIOT is the world’s first global SIM with signalling security.

While other providers offer security over IP protocols, ZARIOT is the first of its kind to also provide security over the inherently vulnerable SS7, Diameter, and GTP signalling protocols: Protection “from signalling to cloud”.

Dawood Ghalaieny, CEO of ZARIOT, said:

“The rate at which SIM cards are being recklessly thrown into every device imaginable for permanent connectivity is growing, with no thought as to how we control, provision, upgrade and secure their future. The disregard for important features such as security is perceived as addressed. It’s not.”

While encryption and other methods increase security, they only go as far as the IP layer – signalling security has been roundly ignored in the IoT sphere. Devices such as smart cars, wearables, medical devices, and remote sensors which use SIM cards or embedded SIMs and rely on signalling protocols to transfer data, are left vulnerable to denial of service, interception, location tracking, and other attacks over mobile network infrastructure.

This problem is exacerbated by the fact that IoT increasingly demands greater connectivity, exposing devices to more and more networks – with varying guarantees of security. ZARIOT provides global coverage and a critical layer of security that can block attacks by preventing access to information contained in the network.

Cellusys founded ZARIOT to bring its expertise in signalling security directly to enterprises. Ghalaieny explains: “Success in deploying IoT is having a partner that understands the IoT ecosystem and its inherently complex security and control. Connectivity requires a partnership of five, ten, or even fifteen years over the device lifecycle.”

ZARIOT aims to make connectivity partnership a crucial part of enterprise success stories.

Cellusys is an industry leader in signalling security with over 15 years’ experience helping mobile operators secure their networks and subscribers from attacks over signalling protocols with sophisticated and responsive firewalls. Cellusys was first to market with the signalling firewall, as well as the Unified Signalling Firewall for SS7, Diameter, GTP and SIP. Cellusys offers other solutions within the IoT ecosystem for roaming, fraud, and analytics.

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