Telit and Cleantron Use IoT to Optimize Lifetime and Health for Batteries in the Field

Telit and Cleantron Use IoT to Optimize Lifetime and Health for Batteries in the Field

  • Cleantron battery packs leverage the Telit ME910C1-WW LTE module, based on products from Qualcomm Technologies, and Telit OneEdge, for remotely monitoring voltage, current, temperature and other key metrics
  • Telit’s end-to-end solution also includes cellular service and a turnkey cloud platform for collecting and analyzing battery data

Telit today announced a partnership with Cleantron that provides a turnkey, end-to-end solution for optimizing the performance and cycle-life of Cleantron’s battery packs.

The partnership is the latest example of how Telit enables solution providers in any vertical—including security, agriculture, retail, health care and more—to quickly and cost-effectively leverage IoT to optimize and differentiate their products and services.

Cleantron’s new connected battery pack solution provides remote monitoring of the battery‘s health, temperature, voltage, current and state of charge data, which are critical for maximizing performance and cycle-life. Users also can track each battery’s location, providing additional key insights into the status of high-value mobile/portable assets such as medical equipment, Industry 4.0 equipment and light electric vehicles.

Cleantron is using Telit solutions for its P4 Battery Pack—designed for use in light electric vehicles and industrial applications—with the potential for expanding them across its entire portfolio. The solution is based on ME910C1-WW and Telit OneEdge:

  • The ME910C1-WW is a 3GPP Release 13 LTE Category M1/NB1 module, based on the Qualcomm® MDM9206 LTE IoT Modem from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., that can be used worldwide. The ME910C1-WW also has power saving mode (PSM) and extended discontinuous reception (eDRX) to maximize battery life.
  • OneEdge is the award-winning, module-integrated software and services with pre-packaged, secure, easy-to-use deployment and management tools. OneEdge enables zero touch on-boarding, security built in at the point of manufacture, SIM-less cellular subscription management, simplified enterprise integration and more. With OneEdge, Telit simplifies all aspects of IoT implementation by saving time and cost, reducing risk and speeding time to revenue by easing deployment. OneEdge-based manufactured products such as the ME910C1 and others have a ready-to-go connection to the Telit IoT platform to manage devices, connectivity and application data to deliver the ultimate value in IoT. Telit’s OneEdge solves the long-standing challenges related to integration, scalability, management and costs that system architects and their enterprise customers face as they implement IoT to transform their businesses.

“When businesses want to harness the power of IoT, they turn to Telit,” said Alon Segal, Senior Vice President, Software & Services, Telit. “Cleantron is a prime example of Telit’s ability to provide all of the software, services and devices that a business needs to quickly and cost-effectively implement IoT.”

Maarten Kelder, CTO of Cleantron, said:

“Our partnership with Telit means that Cleantron customers can now get the real-time data they need to maximize the performance and life cycle of the batteries that their vehicles, AGV’s or other valuable equipment depend on.”

“Telit is the ideal choice because it provides everything we need—modules, cellular service and all of the tools—saving us time and money versus building our connected battery pack solution in house from scratch.”

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