IoTerop Announces IOWA Evaluation SDK General Availability

IoTerop Announces IOWA Evaluation SDK General Availability

Reduce IoT Development Costs and Complexity.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words does an evaluation SDK merit? IoTerop’s IOWA Evaluation SDK is now generally available at the IoTerop website.

“Seeing is believing. Once our customers get their hands on our SDK, use it to build something, they quickly become believers,” says Hatem Oueslati, IoTerop, CEO.


“with the IOWA Evaluation SDK, a developer can build an application, needing as little as 30KB Flash and 5KB RAM, that will work efficiently over LoRaWan, NB-IoT, or any other type of LPWAN.”

IoTerop now has several free tools in addition to the IOWA Evaluation SDK, including:

  • The IOWA Android Application for demonstrating standardized LwM2M objects, data reporting, and remote device management functionality.
  • The CONNECTicut testing server for checking LwM2M object interoperability.
  • STMicroelectronics’ executable showing LwM2M device management functions using STMicro’s X-Cube Cellular NB-IoT.

“We are first-and-foremost a team of engineers. Before we buy, we like to see, use, and test. Making the evaluation SDK more available fits with our overall philosophy,” adds Jacques Bourhis, IoTerop, CTO.

“IOWA lets developers build IoT solutions for the most constrained IoT environments in a fraction of the time it normally takes,” says David Navarro, IoTerop, Chief Product Officer.

Continuing, “Elvaco, our most recent Smart Meter client, ported IOWA onto their existing NB-IoT solution with just a few lines of code, and in a few months, has deployed over a thousand devices.”

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