HEP-Plin digitize their gas meters in Croatia

HEP-Plin digitize their gas meters in Croatia

IoT Net Adria supports the transformation of HEP-Plin’s natural gas distribution and supply to customers by connecting their gas meters with Byte Lab retrofit smart devices.

HEP-Plin, part of the HEP Group, the national energy company in Croatia, is deploying Byte Lab retrofit smart devices powered by the Sigfox 0G network to digitize their gas meters.

The deployment will be finalized by end of the year and marks one of the largest deployments of smart utilities solutions to date in Croatia.

Automated meter reading reduces cost of capturing data

Byte Lab BL-SIG-AMR1 is a battery powered smart gas meter retrofit which uses the Sigfox 0G network for wireless data transfer. With several tamper detection alarms and very long battery life, the BL-SIG-AMR1 is an ideal choice for installation on existing diaphragm gas meters that do not support remote readout. To support different brands of diaphragm gas meters commonly found on the European market like Elster, Itron or Metrix, the BL-SIG-AMR1 has a modular design with interchangeable adapters.

Strong ecosystem supports project delivery

Digitizing the gas project was very challenging, but it was achieved thanks to a strong partnership between Axis who was in charge of the integration services, Byte Lab who delivered the best in class retrofit device and Comping who provided the IoT platform for data analytics. The end to end solution works on the global 0G network provided by IoT Net Adria, the Croatian Sigfox Operator.

Damir Pećušak, CEO of HEP-Plin shared his thoughts on the new solution: “The partnership between Axis, Byte Lab and Comping in integration, hardware and software development, brought our idea to mass production very quickly. The Sigfox ecosystem players’ competence and dedication have proven to be the key success factors in developing this cost-efficient and reliable automated meter reader retrofit for gas meters and their go-to- market strategy was just amazing.”

Silviu Neghina, Territory Sales Manager at Sigfox, said: “I am very happy to see the hard work of our partners in Croatia delivering one of the best utilities project in Eastern Europe. We are on our way to connect the utilities meters in Croatia to our global 0G network deployed by IoT Net Adria. Once again, this project demonstrates the amazing potential of our technology to extract the data with the lowest total cost of ownership for our customers.”

Ranjo Rezek, CEO of IoT Net Adria, said:

“The HEP-Plin gas metering project represents a first example of the benefits that our 0G IoT connectivity brings to large scale deployments. The mix of smart devices with more than 10 years autonomy, our global IoT dedicated network and platforms capabilities allow utilities companies to connect their meters quickly, affordably, and securely anywhere in the country, while increasing efficiency, sustainability and customer satisfaction”

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