Hologram Launches Hyper, the first EUICC platform for IoT

Hologram Launches Hyper, the first EUICC platform for IoT

Within five years, billions of devices across the globe will be communicating with each other via the cellular Internet of Things. Refitting those devices with updated SIM cards each time they cross into new coverage areas or require technological tweaks will become unwieldy, time-consuming, and economically unfeasible.

Starting today, Hologram customers can unlock a new level of cellular IoT connectivity with Hologram Hyper, our eUICC SIMs and platform.

Hyper helps organizations scale faster across different markets by providing over-the-air, updatable access to Hologram’s full portfolio of cellular IoT connectivity partners and profiles. It’s the key to flexibility for your IoT project—in coverage, performance, and pricing.

“Software is eating the world,” says Hologram founder and CEO Ben Forgan. ”

With IoT, software is also ‘eating’ the physical world, creating opportunities for companies to build exciting products and generate efficiencies through automation. Hologram is doing our part with Hyper, our eUICC platform, by turning connectivity into software.”

Make Your Connectivity Future-Proof

Building on our existing network partners and integrations, world-class IoT dashboard, and open API capabilities, Hyper streamlines cellular IoT for Hologram’s customers and expands our capability to provide flexible coverage.

Hologram Hyper’s features include:

  • Single, Global IoT eUICC-ready SIM SKU : Future-proof your hardware with an eUICC-capable SIM that can be updated remotely through Hologram’s eUICC platform. Our eUICC is available in both triple-cut cards and MFF2 embedded (eSIM) form factors, and existing customers can transition their fleet without a new board design or hardware manufacturing process.
  • Access to Hologram’s Global Network of Carrier Partners and Profiles : Launch your fleet with Hologram, an established IoT connectivity partner with an always-expanding portfolio of global and localized connectivity coverage profiles. With us, you won’t need to change hardware or SIM SKUs.
  • Unified, Collaborative Platform : Manage your fleet through Hologram’s collaborative IoT connectivity platform for fast-growing teams.

Why Transition to eUICC?

  • Streamline your operations with a single SKU across your fleet. Through eUICC over-the-air updates, just one SIM card or embedded chip provides the flexibility for evolving coverage options even after devices are deployed in the field.
  • Self-improving coverage and tailored pricing are made possible with eUICC. With its flexibility, we’re able to offer customized pricing options to meet your business goals. And as we expand direct carrier relationships over time, our coverage only gets better.
  • Focus on your deployment, and we’ll focus on providing the best connectivity. Avoid lengthy carrier negotiations and integrations. We’ve sorted it out and are constantly working to improve coverage options, performance, and flexibility for your organization.

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