Libelium spreads its wings

Libelium spreads its wings

With 15 years of experience in the IoT technology market, the company is evolving as a complete solution provider by incorporating new business models alongside a new corporate image and renewed website.

Libelium, a specialist in IoT technology since 2006, is pleased to announce its evolution from a sensor hardware manufacturer to a complete solution provider by incorporating new services for IoT projects, offering customers different business models, and adapting to new market trends.

“Our value proposition lies in the 15 years of experience we have of the IoT sector”, says Alicia Asín, CEO of Libelium.

“Our customers want more than just the excellent solutions we offer; they want to be able to access our expertise across the whole process of their project development, from design and configuration right through to implementation. We are listening to that demand, and now evolving into a global solutions company that can offer new and innovative business models promoting project investments to move from CAPEX to OPEX.”

IoT projects require investment in both hardware and infrastructure, but the real value that they bring is in the crucial data and information that they provide. Both of these component parts of an IoT project cannot evolve independently and require constant monitoring in order to optimize outcomes for the customer..

“The winds of change are blowing and Libelium knows how to adapt to them by spreading the wings of its corporate dragonfly”, says Alicia referring to the new corporate identity launched today to coincide with the company’s new business offering.

“Libelium is no longer just a product provider; it is a travel companion that smooths the way for IoT in all of its stages, from data capture through to the extraction of its value.”

The new corporate identity also includes a website refresh.. Its new digital presence is focussed on going beyond its product portfolio and showcasing Libelium’s vertical solutions for different markets.

Libelium’s growth is based on the great ecosystem of hardware, software, cloud, and system integration companies that offer interoperability on any part of the IoT value chain.

“We continue to trust and rely on our partners, as we do not pretend to be experts on every aspect of the IoT chain,” says Alicia.

“We are ready to lead complete thanks to the collaboration with experts in a number of different areas of IoT. As we evolve, we are already looking to increase the base of our ecosystem of experts by signing new collaboration agreements with manufacturers of sensor devices that want to join our platform.”

Libelium’s technology enables applications as diverse as precision agriculture, smart cities, water management, environmental monitoring, parking space detection and many other solutions for companies in the industrial, logistics, retail, and tourism sectors.

Libelium’s new website showcases the services and products that allow the development of entire IoT projects across these various industries. Libelium will also be able to give its users access to all of its technical expertise through a new wiki that gathers more than 60 technical guides, API’s and programming code examples for IoT devices.

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