Iridium Edge® Pro Brings Programmable Intelligence to Asset Management Beyond Terrestrial Coverage

Iridium Edge® Pro Brings Programmable Intelligence to Asset Management Beyond Terrestrial Coverage

Iridium continues to introduce simplified ways for its partners to innovate, customize and launch smarter solutions.

Iridium Communications Inc. today announced commercial availability of its newest standalone asset management device, Iridium Edge Pro.

The latest addition to the Iridium Edge family of products, Iridium Edge Pro is the company’s first programmable solution for asset management, tracking, and recovery. The new device enables Iridium’s partners to create customizable end-to-end monitoring solutions for vessels, vehicles and remote equipment using Iridium’s best in class two-way network and truly global coverage.

Using MicroEJ® Java-based software development tools, Iridium® IoT customers can create new end-user applications quickly and test them virtually, which can reduce the time to produce a fielded solution. The built in geofencing and custom messaging tools are convenient building blocks for a wide range of IoT applications like vessel monitoring system (VMS) solutions for fisheries, cathodic protection, long-haul vehicle telematics, refrigerated container monitoring, electric generator (genset) management and more. Through powerful Java programming, the Iridium Edge Pro collects and processes data based on operational requirements, including exception-only reporting that can minimize operational costs from anywhere on the planet.

Feature rich, the device comes with built in Bluetooth/BLE, CANbus and Modbus interfaces, GPS, an accelerometer, and digital and analog input/output ports. Customers also have the flexibility to make over-the-air configuration and reporting updates to deployed devices using the Iridium network’s two-way communications, giving confidence that wherever in the world their assets are they have full control and visibility.

“With Iridium Edge Pro we now have a trio of out-of-the-box asset management products that serve a wide range of customer needs and applications,” said Bryan Hartin, executive vice president of sales and marketing, Iridium.

“As a programmable device with features like BLE connectivity, Java programming and CANbus protocol integration, we have created a smarter, more innovative and developer-friendly device than anything in the market today. Add in our truly global coverage with real-time two-way communications and it’s clear a new standard has been set for the industry.”

The combination of CANbus and traditional Modbus powers newfound flexibility from a satellite IoT device. For example, in the oil and gas industry Iridium Edge Pro’s Modbus protocol interfaces with Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) like flow meters. With CANbus, the device is ideal for integration with gensets that may be deployed for oil and gas, construction, mining and other remote heavy equipment applications. In addition, users can take advantage of Iridium Edge Pro’s BLE connectivity to pair the device with Bluetooth sensors that collect vital information, and also to connect smartphones, tablets and laptops to ensure, effective onsite maintenance.

As of the second quarter of 2020, Iridium commercial IoT subscribers grew 20% from the year-ago period to 863,000 customers, further cementing the company’s place as the premier satellite IoT company. Iridium plans to begin commercial shipping of the Iridium Edge Pro in Q4 2020. Iridium collaborated with development partner MetOcean Telematics to bring the Iridium Edge Pro to market.

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