DENSO Developed Factory-IoT Platform to Link 130 Factories

DENSO Developed Factory-IoT Platform to Link 130 Factories

DENSO Corporation today announced it has developed a Factory-IoT Platform that connects 130 production factories worldwide with information technology (IT) and internet of things (IoT) technologies, based on the concept of “as if under one roof.”

This is the first in-house development of a cloud-native(1) platform using open-source-software(2) in the automotive supplier industry. The newly developed platform stores data collected from a variety of equipments at various production sites in a single cloud that can be used freely across DENSO’s organization.

By connecting factories around the world in the cloud, it strengthens DENSO’s global production system, enables factories to respond immediately to production changes based on local demand, and allows production teams to conduct real-time analysis of the movement of workers and operation statuses of different facilities. In addition, technical engineers in the field can incorporate digital power using their own software into the physical improvement activities accumulated over many years, which will further accelerate gains in efficiency, quality and cost savings. For example, by linking various devices, it is possible to notify the operator of equipment abnormalities and more.

After a roughly two-year development period, DENSO implemented the Factory-IoT platform in October 2019. During the development process, DENSO focused on three points: giving in-house software engineers the ability to keep improving and evolving the platform even after it has been put into operation; enhancing the company’s ability to leverage agile development techniques, which consists of short cycles of development; and allowing DENSO to share data with internal and external partners as an open platform so that they can work together to improve and develop applications. As a result, DENSO is the first in the automotive supplier industry to develop its own cloud-native Factory-IoT platform instead of using existing services.

From now on, DENSO will link 130 factories around the world to the newly developed platform. In addition, we will promote education to make full use of the platform and develop application developers. DENSO aims to be a manufacturer where employees can work swiftly and collaboratively by accelerating improvements in IT and IoT technologies. At the same time, by delivering high-quality products to as many people as possible, DENSO is contributing to the realization of a safe and secure automotive society around the world.

(1) Cloud-Native A system development method that uses open-source-software to cooperatively control multiple applications on the premise of operation in the cloud
(2) Open-source-software Free software for anyone can use

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