IOWA SDK Ported to Sub-Dollar Low-Power Microcontroller

IOWA SDK Ported to Sub-Dollar Low-Power Microcontroller

IoTerop announces IOWA SDK’s support for Microchip Technology’s AVR128DA48 AVR® microcontroller (MCU) and AVR128DA48 Curiosity Nano evaluation board, making it easier than ever to add advanced Lightweight M2M 1.1 device management services, including provisioning, over-the-air firmware updates, and power-management to new and existing 8-bit deployments.

IOWA enables IoT device management for the most constrained devices:

  • Commission devices using over-the-air key management system, without exposing any key in clear or requiring an expert on-site.
  • Remotely operate devices, including firmware updates, using standard carrier grade certified secure layers.
  • Upload sensor data using standard format over any transport IP (TCP or UDP) or Non-IP (SMS, LoRaWAN, NIDD).
  • Manage MQTT data channels dynamically.

IOWA provides a C application programming interface that hides the complexity of CoAP and LwM2M. It only requires 10 lines of code to create a LwM2M/IPSO compliant sensor and five lines of code to handle a LwM2M compliant firmware update. IOWA SDK is packed with a build system and includes a 450-page documentation, sample code, and logger. IOWA is certified for Ericsson IoT Accelerator, AT&T, and Verizon networks.

IOWA enables designers to build an NB-IoT device quickly while connecting to any LwM2M server, including IoTerop’s ALASKA. Coupled with the ALASKA cloud platform, it enables more than a 15-year battery life.

Hatem Oueslati, CEO, IoTerop, declares:

“The install base of 8-bit solutions, particularly in industries like smart metering and logistics, increasingly understand device management’s necessity. IOWA’s zero-touch device management capabilities help rationalize IoT costs.”

“IOWA combines advanced device management features, particularly everything related to power management, with a very compact code footprint. This is especially useful for large IoT projects, like smart metering, where energy utilization is key,” says Patrick Porlan, Embedded Software Engineer, IoTerop.

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