KORE Announces the Launch of eSIMPro™ Device Validation Tool

KORE Announces the Launch of eSIMPro™ Device Validation Tool

This new self-service tool enables users to ensure eSIM interoperability in 15 minutes or less.

KORE, the independent global IoT leader, today announced the launch of eSIMPro, a self-service device validation tool.

The KORE eSIMPro tool, which is integrated with the KORE Connectivity Management Platform (CMP), provides technical testing to ensure a device can operate in an eSIM environment.

Failure to detect and identify device eSIM functionality issues can jeopardize the success of a project, leading to exponential cost increases and delays if incompatible devices are deployed. This makes it critically important to test a device’s eSIM interoperability before deploying to the field.

KORE eSIMPro simplifies the process of device validation. Instead of having to ship out a device and wait a few weeks for validation, eSIMPro users are able to validate devices themselves in just under 15 minutes.

Romil Bahl, President and CEO of KORE, said:

“At KORE, we take our commitment to simplifying IoT deployments seriously. We believe eSIM should be deployed with confidence, and this tool will give our customers peace of mind so they can focus on innovation.”

eSIMPro offers two ways to check a device’s eSIM-to-network compatibility. Extended Validation runs a thorough check of the device’s compatibility with the eSIM protocol, while Quick Validation runs a simple diagnostic with one eSIM command to verify connectivity has not been affected. Users have access to a validation history, which provides historic test data as well as real-time information on all ongoing validations.

“With eSIMPro, it’s never been easier for our eSIM customers to ensure interoperability and validate devices. We’re proud to offer this value-added service, which complements our existing KORE carrier certification services,” said Marco Bijvelds, Senior Vice President EAP at KORE.

KORE offers a single, carrier-agnostic eSIM that can be deployed as either an embedded or removable card. KORE eSIMs can operate in a wide range of environments, can be programmed remotely based on GSMA eSIM specifications, and include support for value-added services and comprehensive eSIM management. KORE offers a complimentary starter kit for those looking to get started with eSIM.

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