Quectel Broadens Cooperation with TVU Networks on 5G

Quectel Broadens Cooperation with TVU Networks on 5G

Industry Leaders to Expand Their Collaboration on 5G Technology and Application Development Efforts for Live Video Broadcasting.

Quectel, the leading global supplier of IoT modules, and TVU Networks (TVU), the market and technology leader in cloud and IP-based live video solutions, are jointly working on technical level development for 5G applications for live broadcast.

With the rapid deployment of 5G globally, both companies are working closely in tandem to test and troubleshoot 5G modules under broad real-world operational conditions. In addition, the Quectel and TVU engineering groups have worked together on optimizing the modules for cellular video transmission.

“TVU has provided critical technical assistance to us in the development of our 5G modules for live cellular broadcast applications. They are one of the major partners we rely on in helping us to optimize the technology for use in professional equipment designed for 5G transmission,” said Willis Yang, Chief Technology Officer, Quectel.

“We are looking forward to broadening our partnership with TVU as we look to enhance our 5G offerings in this very important market segment.”

“We are very pleased to be working closely with Quectel on the development of this fast growing global wireless standard. By having our technical staff work together, we can rapidly optimize and enhance our cellular transmitter solutions to take advantage of Quectel’s 5G modules,” said Eros Lin, Chief Technology Officer, TVU Networks.

“Looking beyond cellular backpack transmitters, 5G has the potential for true cloud-based remote production. With the ability of this new standard to deliver higher wireless bandwidth and ultra-low latency, video production can be untethered from the studio or other physical location with wired broadband no longer a requirement.”

Added Lin, “By combining a TVU One running on aggregated cellular connections including 5G and integrated TVU Router as a high bandwidth Internet access point, live video production can happen practically anywhere with a laptop, standard web browser and cloud-based TVU Producer for professional multi-camera live programs. 5G modem connectivity could also be used in a wireless backup role to wired remote production, providing a reliable redundancy in the event wired connectivity is lost.”

TVU One 1080p HDR and 4K HDR models are commercially available mobile cellular transmitters with embedded Quectel RM500Q 5G modules. Ideal for remote production, TVU One with 5G can transmit at an average uplink rate of 100Mbps over 5G wireless. It also provides HEVC/H.265 efficient video compression, patented TVU Inverse StatMux Plus (IS+) algorithm for reliable transmission, true 60 FPS frame rate and 10-bit HDR support. TVU One aggregates and transmits live video simultaneously over multiple cellular 3G/4G/LTE/5G, microwave, satellite, BGAN, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections.

Quectel 5G modules RM500Q and EM12-G

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