Guardhat Releases Smart Glasses Based Solutions for Front-Line Workers

Guardhat Releases Smart Glasses Based Solutions for Front-Line Workers

International industry leaders in wearables and IoT software partner to debut new products.

Guardhat today announced the release of their new smart glasses-based solutions that ensure the safety and productivity of front-line workers.

The new offering is a result of a partnership between Guardhat and Vuzix Corporation, both industry experts in wearable safety technology.

Both glasses solutions provide hands-free operation, voice commands, wireless connectivity, and interoperability with Guardhat’s general-purpose Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform, Kyra. Using Kyra, Vuzix’s smart glasses connect to Guardhat’s Theia app, which allows users to track real-time location with inbuilt GPS.

Additional key features include wireless connectivity over Wi-Fi* with offline operation when disconnected, VOIP audio-visual communications/telephony, and local media capture (images, video) with sync to Kyra backend. Those wearing these glasses can also call for help by sounding the panic alarm using voice activation or the dedicated button.

“We are thankful for the partnership with Vuzix, which allows us to better support a critical population of people working tirelessly throughout the ongoing pandemic”, said Anupam Sengupta, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer at Guardhat.

“We continue to look for creative ways to leverage our technology to keep front-line workers safe every day, and these smart glasses are the next step in that evolution.”

The glasses, provided by Vuzix, include two wearable variants, the HG1 Smart Glasses (Vuzix M400) and the HG2 Smart Glasses (Vuzix M4000). The key differentiator between these two glasses is that the HG2 comes with a see-through waveguide display. The HG2 also comes with a larger WVGA 16×9 854×480 color display; 28 degrees, equivalent to a 9″ mobile device screen seen at 18″. Both devices use the cutting-edge Qualcomm XR platform, which makes them perform better than the competition.

“The Guardhat app, Theia, brings with it real-time situational awareness that provides our smart glasses wearers with important heads-up and hands free information about their work environments that enhances enterprise worker productivity and safety,” said Paul Travers, CEO at Vuzix. “Vuzix looks forward to supporting GuardHat as they continue to roll out their Vuzix Smart Glasses-based solutions to enterprise workplaces.”

The integration of Guardhat’s software and Vuzix’s hardware will allow users to:

  • Make audio/video calls to remote experts and operators
  • Record audio/video and take pictures
  • Scan barcodes/QR codes for asset identification*
  • Operate completely via voice commands
  • Display work procedures/guided instructions and checklists for MRO, EAM, EWP use-cases*
  • Interoperate with other Guardhat devices/wearables over Bluetooth*
  • Visualize events and current location on live map*
  • Continue offline operations when Wi-Fi not connected
  • Digital forms*
  • Field-services solutions*

Indranil (Rony) Choudhury, Chief Operating Officer at Guardhat, said:

“By offering these Smart Glasses, we are changing the industry. These products showcase the innovation and industry growth that can come from the pressure of the pandemic.”

*In Roadmap

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