How Fibocom LTE Cat 1 Modules Help Improve Law Enforcement Efficiency with IoT Wearables

How Fibocom LTE Cat 1 Modules Help Improve Law Enforcement Efficiency with IoT Wearables

By Fibocom, a leading global provider of IoT (Internet of Things) wireless solution and wireless communication modules.

Law Enforcement agencies on the whole are facing extraordinary challenges in today’s world. From riot prevention to responding to extreme threats and catastrophes, the police often risk their lives to perform highly dangerous tasks. In the face of increasing complexity in crime, terrorism and public safety, the demand for intelligent and reliable public-safety solutions is stronger than ever before.

Thanks to the Internet of Things, police now are able to equip themselves with multifunctional IoT wearable devices during their mission to protect their safety while helping them improve the efficiency of tasks or operations. IoT wearable devices are now becoming a part of smart law enforcement solutions that can combat crime. In order to realize law enforcement digital transformation and help strengthen police capabilities, Fibocom offers high-performance and cost-effective wireless communication solutions to facilitate data transmission and communication during law enforcement through its LTE Cat 1 Module L610.

Body-Worn Camera

When people talk about smart wearables for law enforcement, the first thing that comes to mind should be body-worn cameras (BWC), which has been a popular IoT topic in recent years. A Body-worn camera is a mini video recorder which can be worn conveniently on police’s uniform with clips. It records everything that happens in an incident or during an investigation. Its video records can be stored in the cloud as references to crime evidence in the future. With its capability of wireless transmission through high-speed LTE network, body-worn cameras support real-time video sharing with the headquarters of law enforcement agencies. This gives commanders of a group mission better contextual information to understand the situation in an incident and implement appropriate strategies accordingly. In response to the public complaints about law enforcement services, the use of body-worn cameras also enhance the transparency, fairness as well as legitimacy of law enforcement.

Fibocom modules for police IoT wearables

Police PPToC

Another IoT wearable that is widely available in law enforcement is Push to Talk over Cellular(PPToC). PPToC uses the existing LTE cellular network and does not need any additional infrastructure to cover larger areas, eliminating the geographical boundaries for effective communication. The high-speed LTE network also enables high-quality real-time communications via text, audio or video between individuals, groups and command centers, which shows a significant communication efficiency increase, especially in mission-critical tasks. Advancing to traditional walkie-talkies, these kinds of PPToC devices for police, by connecting to the cloud, can be easily managed through police central system or by smartphone apps to define groups by patrol areas or by missions, support multiple forms of instant communication, and automatically record and save on the cloud. The GNSS feature also allows each member of a group to understand the location of its team member.

Fibocom’s LTE Cat 1 Modules Empower Smart Police Wearables

Smart police wearables contribute major incremental improvements in law enforcement with the help of existing LTE Cat 1 wireless communication technology. LTE Cat 1 modules are considered an ideal match for smart law enforcement applications in many ways. Its high-speed transmission rates allow real-time data, audio and video sharing with multiple end devices and systems in highly mobile scenarios. LTE Cat 1 module, with its advantageous miniature size, can be perfectly fit into wearable devices, meeting the requirements of police wearables for lightness and portability. From a cost perspective, its cost is much lower than the mainstream LTE Cat 4 communication technology, and it can completely rely on the existing 4G network infrastructure, which is an ideal high-efficiency and low-cost communication solution for IoT wearable devices.

Fibocom LTE Cat 1 modules

Fibocom’s LTE Cat 1 Module L610 supports LTE, GSM dual-mode communication, VoLTE, audio, camera, LCD, keypad, and other functions. Formed as both LCC+LGA and MiniPCIe packages, it provides universal interfaces such as USB / UART / SPI / I2C / SDIO to meet various application demands of the IoT industry. The product positioning covers the Internet of things market with medium and low rates, such as pan payment, sharing, industrial interconnection, tracking, vehicle after loading and other application scenarios. Provide perfect high-speed experience for customers in the above fields.

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