Virocom Selects Sierra Wireless AirLink End-to-End Networking Solution for Smart Locker Applications

Virocom Selects Sierra Wireless AirLink End-to-End Networking Solution for Smart Locker Applications

Virocom’s smart lockers enable quick, secure and reliable contactless order pickup, helping retailers expand service options.

Sierra Wireless today announced that Virocom has selected the Sierra Wireless AirLink® end-to-end networking solution to enable smart locker applications.

Virocom is using Sierra Wireless’ ready-to-connect AirLink LX60 routers and Smart Connectivity Services integrated with its Ascension Cloud portal, to provide connected intelligent cabinets and returns kiosks with 100 percent uptime. Smart lockers are a key tool enabling retailers to provide contactless, 24/7 service options for customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Sierra Wireless solution connects Virocom smart lockers to Wi-Fi networks with critical failover to LTE, ensuring customers can securely scan their code and easily pick up orders without interruption. Virocom smart lockers are being deployed across Europe in a variety of contactless retail and forward asset management applications, including IT support, online order pickup/return of goods such as cosmetics, medications, tools and parts, and efficient, socially distanced restaurant takeaway.

Daniel Scott, Director, Virocom, said:
“Selecting Sierra Wireless’ end-to-end solution gave us a device partner and mobile network operator in one. The AirLink LX60 router offers critical failover to LTE to ensure uptime and an integrated global SIM that allows our customers to quickly deploy anywhere they need to. Sierra Wireless’ expert team helped us get to market quickly with a completely reliable, supported solution for our customers, such as Zebra Technologies, Ricoh UK/Europe, and Apex Supply Chain Technologies.”

Marc Overton, Chief Solutions Officer and SVP EMEA & APAC, Sierra Wireless said:

“Connecting devices at the edge is allowing companies to innovate new contactless services to help consumers safely get what they need during the pandemic and beyond. Sierra Wireless’ solution provides secure, reliable device-to-cloud connectivity for any equipment that needs to be tracked and accessible at all times.”

End-to-End Solution Provides Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Simple to install and easy to manage, the ready-to-connect AirLink LX60 provides the ability to securely, reliably connect “out-of-the box”. Using Smart Connectivity simplifies global deployment, and all SIM subscriptions and devices can be managed and monitored using a single platform. Smart Connectivity delivers the best possible network coverage and eliminates local coverage gaps with multi-network connectivity around the world. Sierra Wireless’ 24/7/365 global network operation center proactively prevents service disruptions to keep machines and assets connected.

The Sierra Wireless AirLink solution provides a TCO for OEMs and system integrators that is among the industry’s lowest. By reducing IoT management costs and eliminating SIM logistics and truck rolls to resolve connectivity issues, customers can reduce TCO by up to 40 percent* compared to other available solutions. Customers can work with one vendor for their IoT infrastructure and connectivity and avoid the complex pairing of multiple components that can lead to security vulnerabilities.

*Based on Sierra Wireless’ analysis. Customer results may vary. For more information, click here.

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