IoT Nation™ Releases Internet of Things Company Rankings

IoT Nation™ Releases Internet of Things Company Rankings

IoT Ace™ Ranks Market Visibility of Top Public & Private IoT Companies.

IoT Nation, a leading provider of Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem analytics, released its 2020 IoT Ace™ Market Visibility Performance™ (MVP) Rankings, based on its unique data-driven analysis of market activity for over 25,000 IoT-related companies worldwide.

The IoT Ace™ MVP Ranking is generated by calculating an MVP Score for each company, showing its activity in the ecosystem. The analysis is based on millions of data points representing Partnerships, Organization Memberships, Conference Participation and Social Media activity.

The top Private IoT Ace™ MVP Ranked Companies include: Aeris Communications, ARM, Ayla Networks, Canonical, Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), Foghorn Systems, MultiTech, Sigfox, Solace and Wind River Systems.

The top Public IoT Ace™ MVP Ranked Companies include: Alphabet, Amazon, AT&T, Cisco, Dell Technologies, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Samsung and Siemens.

Mitchell Golner, founder & CEO of IoT Nation, said:

“Using a data-driven approach to track the ecosystem gives a clear picture of the landscape so that key companies, rising stars and trends in various verticals and technologies become visible.”

“The IoT space is dynamic, causing the rankings to change frequently. The rankings and underlying data show both the shifting focus of established players and the emergence of new entrants.”

To download the 2020 IoT Ace™ MVP Ranking Top 50 visit

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