Sigfox appoints Jeremy Prince as CEO of Sigfox Group

Sigfox appoints Jeremy Prince as CEO of Sigfox Group

Franck Siegel appointed Deputy CEO. Ludovic Le Moan is stepping down as CEO.

Sigfox, the global 0G network pioneer, today announced that its board of directors has unanimously appointed Jeremy Prince as its new CEO, effective today.

Jeremy Prince was most recently serving as the President of Sigfox USA since March 2019 and has been on Sigfox’s Executive Committee since joining the company as Chief Strategy Officer in 2018. Prince will lead Sigfox as the company continues its evolution as the world’s leading IoT services provider.

Anne Lauvergeon, Chairman of Sigfox, said:

“Jeremy’s success and experience in leading companies through the evolution of their business models was a deciding factor in our highly selective process that included several external candidates.”

“The board is confident that Prince with Franck Siegel as Deputy CEO will efficiently carry out Sigfox’s mission of digitizing the physical world while remaining fully committed to delivering the benefits of IOT in a manner that respects and sustains our environment.”

“I wish the very best to Jeremy and I am confident that he will lead Sigfox to the next level”, said Ludovic Le Moan.

“We have the greatest gratitude for Ludovic’s leadership of Sigfox for the past 10 years”, said Anne Lauvergeon. “Ludovic has undeniably been the vision behind Sigfox’s successes and his legacy will be felt far and wide. We thank him deeply for his contributions.”

“I’m proud to become the leader of this fantastic company that created the 0G network and made IoT a reality that helps businesses every day,” said Jeremy Prince, CEO of Sigfox. “I am thrilled to be able to follow in Ludovic Le Moan’s footsteps and to work with the outstanding team of professionals who are one of Sigfox’s core assets and who contribute on a daily basis to making Sigfox a unique adventure and a reference on the market.”

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