Fibocom 5G Module FG360 Based on MediaTek T750 Completed the First Data Call under 5G Network

Fibocom, a leading provider of cellular embedded wireless module solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), is proud to announce that its 5G module FG360 based on MediaTek T750 chipset platform has completed the world’s first 5G data call and end-to-end data transmission services under 5G SA network.

Fibocom FG360 video 1

FG360 is a 5G module with high integration, high data rate and great cost performance. Through a high degree of integration, the FG360 5G module enables customers to design their products with the best performance and the most optimal cost in the application scenarios such as home, enterprises, venues, etc.

Fibocom FG360 video 2
Fibocom 5G Lab (Shenzhen) under 5G SA network environment.
First, power on FG360 and connect it to the computer. After the module is turned on normally, three debugging ports can be enumerated in the device manager interface of windows, and the network operator information can be viewed through the AT command “AT+COPS?”.

1. FG360 supports auto-dialing after power-on. After the module is powered on and running, it will automatically activate the PDN dial-up Internet access without manual operation.
2. FG360 provides a dual-band wireless connection. The Wi-Fi function can be turned on through a mobile phone or a computer, and the hotspots FG360_5G_NA and FG360_24G_NA can be searched, without mutual interference, dual-band concurrent.
3. Connect to Wi-Fi hotspot: FG360_5G_NA via mobile phone or computer, and you can go online directly. In addition, you can enter the WebUI configuration interface by visiting, and perform normal Wi-Fi, routing, call and other function settings. Enter the overview interface to see the devices connected to the hotspot.

In addition to wireless connection, it can also be connected through the Ethernet interface. When the interface is working normally, the indicator flashes, and the computer will recognize the network, you can access the external network, or you can access to enter the WebUI configuration interface.

Fibocom FG360 5G module

Fibocom FG360 will be available in two versions, FG360-EAU will be launched for EMEA/APAC markets, and FG360-NA will be launched for the North American market, mainly for smart terminals such as fixed wireless access (FWA), CPE, gateways, routers, industrial monitoring terminals, and telemedicine terminals. The FG360 5G module plans to achieve mass production in Q3 2021.

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