Tele2 IoT launches Private Interconnect in partnership with Equinix

Tele2 IoT launches Private Interconnect in partnership with Equinix

Tele2 IoT expands its portfolio with Private Interconnect, in partnership with the digital infrastructure company Equinix.

Private Interconnect offers next level security, allowing IoT customers to expand their safety solution by connecting to Equinix’s global Interconnection service, Equinix Fabric. This enables IoT customers to directly, securely, and dynamically connect to distributed infrastructure and digital ecosystems using a single port.

When it comes to IoT, security is of utmost importance. Tele2 is opening up dedicated fiber for IoT customers who find the public Internet doesn’t fulfil professional security requirements. Private Interconnect (fixed lines) takes the customer’s data through Tele2’s backbone fiber network and isolates it to the customer’s own dedicated fibers. Private Interconnect removes the risk of exploitation on the public Internet and is offered utilizing digital infrastructure from Equinix, a well-established player in the interconnection service provider world.

Tele2 IoT’s Private Interconnect offers high bandwidth, security, stability, and scalability, along with lower network latency and improved performance. It also offers direct access to leading enterprises, services, and cloud providers.

    “By adding Private Interconnect to our 2ACCESS family, we complement our solution for customers where security really is really important, With our partnership with Equinix, we help our customers securely and scalable connect their devices in a cost-conscious way, something we know our customers are demanding”, says Cyril Deschanel, Managing Director, Tele2 IoT.
    “Cyberthreats are becoming ever more prevalent as the number of user devices and cloud resources increase. It is vital therefore that companies solve for distributed security risks. It is great to see Tele2 leverage interconnection to provide customers with a way to address cybersecurity risks. Whatever we can do to help enterprises with this challenge, we will”, says Maria Sundvall, Managing Director, Sweden, Equinix.

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