BehrTech and WEPTECH Launch First Low-Cost Mioty Gateway Built for Flexibility and Ease of IoT Deployments

BehrTech and WEPTECH Launch First Low-Cost Mioty Gateway Built for Flexibility and Ease of IoT Deployments

BehrTech, a disruptive enabler of next-gen wireless IoT connectivity, together with WEPTECH, a leader in the engineering and manufacturing of innovative technologies and systems for wireless communication, have released the first low-cost MYTHINGS certified gateway (AVA) for mioty® low-power wide area networks.

Mioty is a next-gen LPWAN protocol that provides the most efficient, reliable and scalable wireless connectivity for large commercial and industrial IoT deployments.

The AVA gateway is a bidirectional IoT gateway integrated with the ETSI-standardized mioty wireless stack. It comes with preconfigured MYTHINGS Central software by BehrTech – the only all-in-one network and device management platform built to manage large-scale mioty LPWA networks. With MYTHINGS’ one-click registration and highly scalable cloud service for processing and management, the AVA gateway provides customers with a fast, simple and cost-effective way to deploy and test mioty networks.

Wolfgang Thieme, CTO of BehrTech, said:

“Between legacy proprietary solutions and costly third-party managed networks, there is strong demand for inexpensive, easy-to-deploy and highly flexible IoT connectivity solutions. Together with WEPTECH, we’re making this powerful new LPWAN technology more accessible, interoperable and consumable for companies worldwide.”

AVA gateway“We are happy that we could win BehrTech as a partner on the platform side at this early stage,” said Wolfgang Esch, head of sales and marketing at WEPTECH.

“With this collaboration, we are able to give the customer even easier and faster access to this game-changing technology.”

The AVA gateway is available through WEPTECH as an evaluation kit to simplify the adoption of mioty and to test the reliability, range and scalability of mioty LPWA networks. It supports 868 MHz (Europe) and 915 MHz (North America) frequency bands and can be connected to the local network via Ethernet.

With MYTHINGS Central ready-to-use and highly flexible MQTT interface; cloud connectors for Azure, AWS, and Cumulocity; and its plugin architecture, customers can also easily integrate with the external systems, third-party applications and IoT platforms of their choice.

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