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The installed base of video telematics systems in North America and Europe to exceed 6 million units by 2025

The installed base of video telematics systems in North America and Europe to exceed 6 million units by 2025

Berg Insight, the leading IoT market research provider, today released a new market study covering the video telematics market.

The integration of cameras to enable various video-based solutions in commercial vehicle environments is an important trend in the fleet telematics sector.

Berg Insight’s definition of video telematics includes a broad range of camera-based solutions deployed in commercial vehicle fleets either as standalone applications or as an added feature to conventional fleet telematics.

The frontrunning North American video telematics market is more than twice the size of the European, which is so far largely dominated by activities in the UK. Berg Insight estimates that the installed base of active video telematics systems in North America reached 2.1 million units in 2020. Growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.2 percent, the active installed base is forecasted to reach more than 4.4 million units in North America by 2025.

In Europe, the installed base of active video telematics systems is estimated to almost 0.8 million units in 2020. The active installed base in the region is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 17.9 percent to reach 1.8 million video telematics systems in 2025.

The video telematics market is served by a number of different types of players, ranging from specialists focused specifically on video telematics solutions, to general fleet telematics players which have introduced video offerings, and hardware-focused suppliers offering mobile digital video recorders (DVRs) and vehicle cameras used for video telematics. Berg Insight ranks Streamax, Lytx and Samsara as the leading video telematics players in their respective categories.

Rickard Andersson, Principal Analyst, Berg Insight, said:

“Streamax is the leading hardware provider, that also offers software dashboards which are widely used together with its devices.”

He adds that Lytx has the largest number of video telematics subscriptions, with an estimated installed base in the range of 700,000 connected devices.

“Samsara stands out among the general fleet telematics players as a particularly strong provider with a sizable number of camera units deployed across its subscriber base”, continued Mr. Andersson.

The installed base of video telematics systems in North America and Europe to exceed 6 million units by 2025

Additional significant players in this space include the fleet management pioneer Omnitracs (which recently acquired the video safety specialist SmartDrive Systems), the video telematics company SmartWitness and the fleet management player KeepTruckin. The remaining top-10 providers are Nauto, Howen, Trimble and VisionTrack.

Other noteworthy players competing in the video telematics space include video-focused solution providers such as Netradyne, SureCam, Vision Techniques, Seeing Machines, LightMetrics, CameraMatics, Surfsight (now part of Lytx), Idrive, VUE and Exeros Technologies, fleet telematics players including Matrix Telematics, MiX Telematics, Microlise, Azuga, Radius Telematics and Trakm8, as well as the hardware-focused supplier Pittasoft (BlackVue).

“These players have all reached estimated installed bases in the tens of thousands”, concluded Mr. Andersson.

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