Sierra Wireless Bundles Cellular Connectivity with its AirLink Routers to Simplify IoT Deployment

Sierra Wireless Bundles Cellular Connectivity with its AirLink Routers to Simplify IoT Deployment

Sierra Wireless’ AirLink® compatible Ready-to-Connect routers simplify operations for enterprises with pre-configured connectivity, device management and support.

Sierra Wireless today announced the availability of its Ready-to-Connect function for its AirLink routers within the European markets, making it easy for customers to streamline business operations and manage and activate connectivity worldwide.

The Ready-to-Connect compatible AirLink routers offer simplified operations for commercial and business-critical applications, as well as optional seamless connectivity. They are pre-configured to provide Smart Connectivity for AirLink including device management and support, allowing faster and more successful deployment for enterprise applications. The new Ready-to-Connect capability delivers all of the key elements needed – an integrated SIM pre-configured to Sierra Wireless’ Smart Connectivity offer, a centralized cloud platform for both device and connectivity management, and simplified operations—in one integrated IoT bundle.

“Sierra brought the right set of technologies to the table: a robust router; a good management platform; and Smart Connectivity for AirLink which enabled us to access the best available cellular network regardless of what part of the world the store was located in”, said Bertrand Degien, Co-Founder and General Manager, Digitalli.

“The combination of both hardware and connectivity made it easy for Digitalli to provide best-in-class digital signage solutions in stores where the internet was not available.”

“Having a single platform to remotely activate and manage both the hardware and connectivity component makes our implementation significantly easier. Being able to manage the devices, cellular subscription and billing from a single platform is a huge efficiency gain, and means we can avoid the logistical nightmare of having to place multiple orders with different vendors.”

The new Ready-to-Connect capability is initially available on the LX40 and LX60 as well as the RV55 Cat4 routers, and provides the following benefits:

  • Full security with a pre-installed electronic SIM reducing the risk of theft or misuse.
  • A centralized cloud platform for both device and connectivity management.
  • One point of contact for hardware and connectivity services with 24/7 technical support.
  • Resilient and secure coverage with redundant routes to multiple networks to help eliminate local coverage gaps.
  • Maximum uptime – 24/7 / 365 global network operations.
  • Security and reduced operational costs due to having no manual SIM insertion, removal, replacement, or programming.
  • Fast activation of devices which can happen in less than 10 minutes through AirLink Management Services (ALMS).

“Sierra Wireless’ Compatible Ready-to-Connect series of routers with their built-in security and Smart Connectivity for AirLink are fully-integrated both simplifying operations and reducing operating costs”, said Marc Overton, CSO and SVP of EMEA and APAC, Sierra Wireless.

“Our secure and intelligent range of AirLink Ready-to-Connect devices allow both big and small businesses to easily set up wireless communications systems and ensure they always have the best connection available based on bandwidth, latency and signal strength from a single, trusted partner.”

The AirLink compatible Ready-to-Connect series of routers are currently available with full self-service onboarding capabilities in EMEA from Sierra Wireless’ network of partners, with availability launching in North America in the near future.

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