EXACT Technology Selects Soracom’s IoT Connectivity to Build Infrastructure of the Future

EXACT Technology Selects Soracom’s IoT Connectivity to Build Infrastructure of the Future

By monitoring the temperature of new concrete pours in real-time, infrastructure is built to last.

Soracom, Inc., a global provider of advanced IoT connectivity, today announced it has partnered with EXACT Technology Corp., a leader in concrete monitoring technology, to help build the infrastructure of the future.

Utilizing Soracom’s IoT connectivity solutions, EXACT can simply and reliably ensure that the concrete used to build highways, bridges, dams, buildings and other large infrastructure projects cures properly and is built to last.

EXACT monitors $20B+ in private and public construction projects for clients globally, creating data-driven solutions for precasters, infrastructure constructors, and other large users of concrete. EXACT’s purpose-built cloud-based solutions help clients collect, organize, report, and leverage essential data to increase revenue, decrease costs and improve quality.

The first seven days of the concrete curing process are critical. The temperature of the concrete needs to be maintained consistently throughout the weeklong period, otherwise it has the potential to crack, letting in salt and water, and compromising the longevity of the concrete. EXACT’s technology monitors temperature fluctuations in real time, collecting data and alerting project managers via Soracom’s connectivity solutions.

Access to this real-time data allows project managers to make adjustments accordingly by heating or cooling sections of the concrete as needed. Properly managing the curing process means infrastructure projects can last up to 125 years without remediation; projects not properly cured can last half that time.

Soracom’s IoT connectivity solutions are used by developers, SMBs, and SMEs worldwide to help them simplify IoT development, minimize risk, accelerate time to market, and ensure successful, scalable IoT rollouts. EXACT selected Soracom for its “always on” reliability and ease of use out of the box. In addition, Soracom’s commitment-free billing model and built-in management console simplify EXACT’s overall connectivity.

“With Soracom, we know that when we send SIM cards to a project, they are going to work right out of the box,” said Jordan Korenzvit, CEO of EXACT. “There is no fooling around with pricing plans—you pay for what you use. The reliability of connectivity has been an issue with past providers we have used, and Soracom has alleviated all of those concerns by seamlessly delivering connectivity where and when we need it, every time.”

“Customers like EXACT demonstrate just how deeply the IoT has penetrated businesses in every industry,” said Kenta Yasukawa, Co-Founder and CTO of Soracom. “By providing the most reliable, robust solutions with terms and capabilities that make real business sense, Soracom is well-positioned to help companies like EXACT build their IoT business cases without worrying about connectivity.”

For more information on how Soracom can help you reach your IoT goals, visit www.soracom.io.

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