LDT Smart Fire Prevention System Offers Real-Time Fire Detection With LoRa®

LDT Smart Fire Prevention System Offers Real-Time Fire Detection With LoRa®

Battery based system effectively protects commercial property from costly fire damage.

Semtech Corporation announced that LDT, a South Korea based solutions provider to display and Internet of Things (IoT) industries, has integrated Semtech’s LoRa® devices into its smart fire prevention system that utilizes sensors and a network camera to detect any flames, smoke, passive infrared, and alarming changes in temperature within a commercial property in real time.

As a result of LoRa integration, the LDT smart fire prevention system is able to provide real-time analytics, sensing, connectivity, and geolocation to measure fire levels, protecting commercial facilities, such as shopping malls and local markets, from fire damage and safeguard human life.

Jeong-Hoon Hwang, team leader, Smart Sensor Network business unit at LDT, said:

“When a fire hazard occurs, the time between detection and reaction is critical to prevent human injury and property damage. This is why we chose to leverage Semtech’s LoRa devices for the LDT smart fire prevention system to immediately notify the building manager of the fire emergency and respond immediately.”

“We hope to assist more building owners with the preservation of their property through the use of this potential lifesaving and cost-effective technology.”

To implement the LDT smart fire prevention system, a gateway is installed on the ceiling of each floor of a building and sensors are installed in all rooms. Once a sensor detects a fire threat, the real-time fire data is sent to a gateway that uses LoRa that is connected to the smart fire prevention system via a local area network (LAN). From there, an automatic response can be triggered depending on the conditions in the building. The response is sent to emergency personnel and the property manager via mobile device or computer allowing them time to respond effectively.

“The ability to prevent and respond to hazardous situations in record time demonstrates Semtech’s dedication to creating a safer and smarter planet through the use of its proven LoRa devices,” said Marc Pegulu, vice president, IoT product marketing and strategy in Semtech’s Wireless and Sensing Products Group. “This collaboration with LDT for its smart fire prevention system is a perfect example of how LoRa capabilities – long range and low power – are solving a real-world challenge for building owners today.”

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