Vitro Secures Nation’s Nuclear Arsenal with Zero Trust IoT

Vitro Secures Nation's Nuclear Arsenal with Zero Trust IoT

United States Air Force awards contract to a local Austin small business to secure IoT data from remote, nuclear launch sites.

Vitro Technology Corporation, an Austin-based deep tech startup, has won a Direct to Phase II SBIR contract with the US Air Force defending the critical infrastructure of US’ nuclear arsenal.

Lieutenant Colonel Atwater, said:

“The mission impact of this project will be a reduction in travel by service teams of at least 50%. Trusted, detailed infrastructure data allows our airmen to focus on preventative maintenance and increased mission readiness.”

Remote monitoring of infrastructure is referred to as the “Internet of Things” or IoT. Vitro’s patented IoT hardware and software delivers “Zero Trust” IoT, an innovation that has won the company a national position in thought-leadership.

In December 2020, the IoT Cybersecurity Act became law. Since the adoption of IoT technology, cybersecurity hacks have become a common theme in the news. Despite the political turmoil of 2020, Congress recognized the fact that cybersecurity, specifically the security of the “Internet of Things”, is a clear and present danger to our national security and infrastructure. The IoT Cybersecurity Act is designed to address this problem directly.

“Square insulates merchants of all sizes from the technical and legal complexities of processing credit cards. In the same way, Vitro insulates military and commercial customers from the complexities of protecting IoT devices and proving that their data is authentic,” said David Goodman, founder and CEO of Vitro.

“Vitro puts a compliant, crypto-secure IoT platform in a box. We help our customers focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning that will make their operations more efficient and sustainable, ensuring that the real-world IoT data feeding these models is secure and trusted.”

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