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Semtech, Ryoden and Renesas Electronics Launch Zero Carbon Solution

Semtech, Ryoden and Renesas Electronics Launch Zero Carbon Solution with the LoRa Edge™ Platform and a RE Microcontroller

New maintenance-free, energy harvesting solution is ideal for asset management uses and offers advanced security features.

Semtech Corporation and Ryoden Corporation, a key LoRa® ecosystem solution and network provider, announced a new zero carbon solution with a RE Family Microcontroller from Renesas.

The solution features a Renesas RE Family microcontroller (MCU) to connect directly to the LoRa Cloud™ utilizing Semtech’s LoRa Edge™ platform (LR1110), and provides enhanced security features. The addition of the LoRa Edge platform allows for geolocation capabilities driven by the world class battery-free green energy solution and is best applied for tracking of personal valuables, transportation and logistics, animals, and health care.

“The demand for green energy solutions are increasing as the world becomes more conscious of the environmental impacts we make,” said Dr. Shiro Kamohara, senior principal specialist from Renesas’ Low Power Product Department.

“The energy harvesting RE Family represents the evolution of MCU products that have the advantages of being maintenance-free while keeping top-class efficiency. Through our collaboration with Semtech, we are able to offer a cost-efficient green energy solution for our customers.”

Deemed the “world’s most energy efficient MCU” by Renesas, the new RE Family MCU is based on the Arm® Cortex® M0+, and consists of a built-in controller which can make a battery-less, maintenance-free product, ideal for energy harvesting applications. The new solution also features security capabilities that are critical to the Internet of Things (IoT) and can help protect IoT embedded devices from viral infections and eavesdropping. In addition, when integrated with Semtech’s LoRa Edge (LR1110) platform, the power consumption of the product is extremely reduced, providing cost-effective savings to end users.

“The collaboration between Ryoden, Renesas and Semtech is in line with our overall strategy of extending low power geolocation to newer IoT platforms and applications,” said Sree Durbha, director of product management in Semtech’s Wireless and Sensing Products Group. “With the low power nature and end-to-end security of the LoRa Edge platform, the embedded LoRa Basics™ Modem-E native modem software operating on the LoRaWAN® standard, and the LoRa Cloud™ geolocation and device and application services, the Renesas RE Family is one of the most power-efficient MCUs available on the market.”

Target applications for the LoRa Edge platform with Renesas RE Family include asset management, tracking of goods through the supply chain and several other use cases requiring continuous indoor or outdoor tracking.

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