RAKwireless Launches New Company to Bring Crypto Mining to More Individuals and Accelerate Growth of Helium’s Network

RAKwireless Launches New Company to Bring Crypto Mining to More Individuals and Accelerate Growth of Helium’s Network

Since 2020 RAK has been a key partner with Helium in creating reliable and top-class hardware capable of seamless connectivity. The goal of this newest addition to the RAK product family is to create a more accessible entry point for consumers to build and mine the cryptocurrency $HNT on The People’s Network.

RAKwireless Technology Co., Ltd. (RAK), a pioneer in wireless end-to-end solutions and IoT technology, announces today the launch of its new company, MNTD. (pronounced as minted), a crypto-hardware company providing easy-to-use mining products to consumers.

The launch includes two new miners, one limited edition Goldspot Miner and the flagship MNTD. Miner. The new Goldspot Miner will feature VIP customer support and focus on providing an exceptional consumer experience and customer satisfaction. This launch serves as a testament to RAK’s commitment to the People’s Network and passion to make mining accessible for everyone.

MNTD and its products stem from the response to the massive demand for miners. MNTD. and RAK are planning to expedite shipments to crypto enthusiasts throughout the world. Due to feedback from our community, the newest launch will not accept pre-orders and will now go live and ship right away to customers. Interested customers can check on inventory using the live inventory tracker available on the website.

Despite a year of record chip shortages and setbacks, RAK has successfully supplied 60,000 units in the last few months to members of The People’s Network. The brand is on track to supply many more throughout the rest of the year.

“We view the launch of the Limited Edition Goldspot Miner to be a testament to our ongoing mission in liaison with Helium; a partnership that has allowed us to build simple, secure, and scalable solutions to help build and expand The People’s Network,” says RAKwireless CEO, Ken Yu.

“We unequivocally recognize the power this product has been able to provide to IoT and crypto enthusiasts across the world. With MNTD, we want to cater to the demands of the public with an introductory interest in crypto, we want consumers to look forward to having the limited edition miner, in-stock and ready-to-ship as quickly as possible.”

Last month, Helium secured $111 million in a token sale led by Andreessen Horowitz. The decentralized peer-to-peer 5G wireless network is built from the Internet of Things (IoT) using blockchain technology. Donned “The People’s Network,” miner hotspot Helium enthusiasts users buy the equipment and host it at home to be able to mine crypto and access the network. It’s a quick ‘plug and play’ process, the whole experience of setting up a miner is possible in under 20 mins. The product is coupled around a modern reward system built around a kind of cryptocurrency, the Helium Token (HNT) that users can effectively mine for. Since 2020, RAK has been a key partner to Helium in creating reliable and top-class hardware to power Helium Hotspots.

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