Sigfox teams up with Stripe for subscription-based IoT

Sigfox teams up with Stripe for subscription-based IoT

Sigfox, the world’s leading IoT communication service provider and 0G network pioneer, has teamed up with Stripe to deliver subscription-based IoT.

In response to demand from clients, from start-ups to R&D teams in large companies, Sigfox is now providing 0G subscriptions for purchase online, with only a few clicks and a credit card required.

Sigfox selected Stripe to provide the online payment infrastructure. Clients can choose between two offers: Discovery and Enterprise.

IoT devices connect with Sigfox’s 0G network using the internet and transmit small amounts of data over long ranges. This low-cost network does not require expensive SIM cards, and now offers flexibility in terms of pricing.

Discovery provides a pricing for up to 10,000 devices and is based on the number of devices and messages, whether Atlas Native, the Sigfox network-based location service, is selected. Clients have up to one year to activate their subscriptions, then one entire year of fully prepaid 0G connectivity. Enterprise is for larger implementations, over 10,000 devices, and brings the additional benefits of a longer activation period, multi-year subscriptions, an account manager and dedicated technical assistance.

Nicolas Poussier, Product Manager at Sigfox comments: “Stripe has been instrumental in democratising access to online payments and payouts for millions of companies across the planet, making it easier than ever for companies to expand into some of the largest and fastest growing markets in the world and thus accelerate the internet economy. This resonated with Sigfox’s mission to make the Internet of Things available to all. With outstanding uptime, a flawless user experience, strong European foundations and new countries launched every quarter, Stripe’s ethos and ambitions were obviously aligned with ours.”

Among the 75 countries covered by Sigfox, companies from 28 different countries (and counting) can now buy Sigfox 0G subscriptions online:

Thousands of companies have been joining the network every year. All are solving problems with 0G that couldn’t be addressed before in a practical way, for example, predictive maintenance of equipment, asset tracking in logistics, food storage monitoring, wildlife protection, and many other use cases.

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