Kerlink and German Company VOMATEC Announce Collaboration On Digital Emergency Management System for Smart Cities

Kerlink and German Company VOMATEC Announce Collaboration On Digital Emergency Management System for Smart Cities

Deployed On-Scene, RescueWave® Provides Digital Triage and Live Data To Help Medical Teams Manage Emergency Situations and Save Lives.

Kerlink, a specialist in solutions dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT), and VOMATEC Innovations GmbH, a specialized provider of system and software solutions for emergency services, today announced their collaboration on the integration of the digital MCI-management system RescueWave into LoRaWAN®- based smart-city networks.

RescueWave, a world’s-first in the domain of digital-management systems for multiple-casualty incidents (MCI), takes traditional command-and-control processes to the next level with a digital triage system and on-scene emergency management software.

Deployed on-scene by members of the responder teams, the system includes novel electronic triage tags, called Rescue.Nodes, that are small, intelligent IoT devices used for each casualty and replacing the traditional paper-based patient tags. Until now, those tags have been filled out by hand and information is collected manually. With RescueWave, the Rescue.Nodes automatically transmit encrypted registration and triage information about casualties and their status to the RescueWave mission-control software via LoRa long-range communication. The infrastructure is provided by a mobile Kerlink LoRaWAN network, featuring Wirnet® iStation gateways, mounted on command vehicles.

All the information is forwarded to RescueWave servers, where the mission-control software provides automated live statistics, electronic patient records, resource management and dispatch features, so that incident command can take informed decisions.

VOMATEC and Kerlink’s cooperation aims to take the integration a step further, investigating how smart-city LoRaWAN networks can facilitate system deployment, provide a wide-area coverage and enable additional services, e.g. through interfaces to control-rooms, hospitals and trauma centers involved in the incident management.

“VOMATEC’S RescueWave solution is a highly precise, easy-to-deploy solution that enables responders and their back-up staff to manage the chaos that often surrounds MCI events, thus speeding up rescue processes through digitalization,” said Etienne Ghidossi, key account manager at Kerlink. “In these dangerous and tragic emergency situations, Kerlink’s products are the clear choice because their proven reliability is a key factor in saving lives. This innovative system is a vital component in the growing smart-health vertical.”

“RescueWave provides rapid and effective support in these complex situations from the start,” said Dr. Stephan Heuer, managing director at VOMATEC and co-inventor of RescueWave.

“The digital system solution is designed to serve as a central tool for the first responders, as well as for the incident commanders, from triage in the chaos phase to patient care and transport organization. Combined with Kerlink’s robust and versatile gateways, RescueWave brings a higher level of efficiency and control in MCI events, which can help save lives.”

Backed by extensive research and field-tested with rescue workers, RescueWave provides emergency services and government officials with a smart-health-and-safety system that makes use of state-of-the-art technology. It enables smart cities to respond to their goals to adopt innovative digital technologies that help them use resources sustainably, make rescue services more efficient and, above all, save lives faster in emergency situations.

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