Sierra Wireless Launches New Private APN Solution for Managed Connectivity Solutions

Sierra Wireless Launches New Private APN Solution for Managed Connectivity Solutions

Simple, flexible, and robust private APN solution shortens time-to-market for customers by reducing onboarding time.

Sierra Wireless, today announced that it has launched a new global private access point name (APN) solution with simplified staging that provides seamless flexibility and security for customers, accelerating application deployment.

With Sierra Wireless’ new private APN, Sierra Wireless Smart Connectivity customers no longer need to make multiple SKU configurations on the edge, and can build devices with one single APN that is then translated into multiple private APN’s within Sierra’s core network. This is especially critical for companies with multiple independent subsidiaries who have different requirements, drastically reducing onboarding time.

Sierra Wireless integrates Affirmed Networks’ fully virtualized packet core gateway and virtual slice selection function (vSSF) solution to deliver new, innovative IoT and industrial IoT services to its customers more quickly and efficiently than ever before. Affirmed Networks is now part of Microsoft.

“Private APNs are a common feature in connectivity services,” said Ross Gray, VP of Product Connectivity Solutions, Sierra Wireless.

“Our approach is to allow devices to be built with one single APN and enable them to be translated to multiple private APNs on Sierra’s core network. This allows the specific configurations to be done in the cloud, rather than touching each device.”

“With this solution, Sierra Wireless brings a private APN offer to the market that fully revolutionizes the traditional private APN,” continued Gray. “Simplified staging provides seamless flexibility and security, a unique edge configuration allows customers to build a truly global SKU, as well as a powerful cloud configuration to allow the segregation of the customers’ device and SIM fleet to meet both local regulations and/or solution specific requirements. Business policies can be implemented in near real-time without touching the edge.”

Sanjay Mewada, Worldwide Marketing Leader, Azure for Operators at Microsoft Corp. added, “Working together with Sierra Wireless can accelerate the adoption of industrial IoT by enterprise customers and give them the ability to quickly develop solutions tailored for specific verticals, significantly improve application performance, simplify the overall experience, and reduce operating costs.”

“Sierra Wireless has been a trusted partner for many years,” said Philippe Escaich, Electronic Development Manager, LACROIX CITY. “Their new private APN solution significantly eases our deployment process. Thanks to the zero-touch APN configuration, we can apply the Private APN at activation, or at any time, directly from the Sierra cloud. There is no need for us to configure each individual module.”

With Sierra Wireless’ new Private APN Solution, all specific APN configuration is done in the cloud, shortening time to deployment. Further, all APN specifics are confined within Sierra’s core network with total independence, making it more robust and less prone to errors generated by reconfigurations like the classic APN model.

Availability: Sierra Wireless’ new Private APN Solution is currently commercially available to customers.

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