Ericsson and Tampnet bring IoT to offshore industries

Ericsson and Tampnet bring IoT to offshore industries

The vast oceans and seas of the world are proving no barrier to Ericsson’s IoT connectivity capabilities as the company teams up with offshore communications network leader, Tampnet, to improve operational efficiency and worker safety at some of the world’s toughest and remotest workplaces.

With the management capabilities of Ericsson IoT Accelerator, the latest sensors and remote monitoring equipment can be deployed to people and places in a variety of remote offshore use cases and connected in real time.

Frode Støldal, President of Tampnet Americas says:

“Through our partnership with Ericsson, we are bringing the same IoT connectivity benefits to the offshore industry and enterprises, that land-based companies are benefitting from.”

“In many instances, Tampnet is pioneering new services and business models offshore that are later adopted onshore. Together, we are truly digitalizing the high seas as part of the fourth industrial revolution. These are exciting times for our customers.”

Headquartered in Norway, Tampnet owns and operates the largest offshore high-capacity, low latency communication networks in the world, including the largest in the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Tampnet’s offshore customers span the offshore oil and gas, wind energy and maritime industries, as well as the carrier market.

More than 8,500 enterprises globally already benefit from the Ericsson IoT Accelerator-powered capabilities offered by CSP partners.

Kyle Okamoto, General Manager IoT, Ericsson, says: “Our partnership with Tampnet shows that Ericsson has the capability of delivering IoT management to any enterprise or industry customer, in any work environment. We will work closely with Tampnet to ensure that its customers benefit from Ericsson IoT Accelerator – just as we are doing with more than 8,500 other enterprises around the world.”

How it works

Through the use of SIM cards, wearables can be deployed to employees, equipment and other assets, enabling instant actions on real-time data and the optimization of planning operations through Tampnet’s 4G LTE network.

Operations, asset integrity and maintenance teams can collect live data, connect with remote specialists, and turnaround work scopes efficiently with the assurance that all quality checks can be completed and verified in real time.

The level of collaboration possible for day-to-day tasks as well as specialist scopes greatly reduce downtime, improves coordination of people on board and optimizes pre-scope planning, safety and preparation tasks.


In addition to IoT connectivity management, Ericsson is a long-standing technology partner to Tampnet, providing robust and secure private networks.

Ericsson 4G and 5G private networks – with low latency, high availability, and high performance – are designed to make Industry 4.0 a reality. Ericsson’s private networks connect industrial sites and assets for greater efficiency and control – and people for a safer worker experience.

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