HIVE-ZOX Selects Sierra Wireless LPWA Module for Global Cold Chain Monitoring Solution

HIVE-ZOX Selects Sierra Wireless LPWA Module for Global Cold Chain Monitoring Solution

Sierra Wireless HL78 Series module integrated into HIVE-ZOX tracking solution, providing seamless global connectivity and real-time visibility of COVID vaccine shipments.

Sierra Wireless, a world leading IoT solutions provider, today announced that its HL78 Series LPWA module has been chosen by HIVE-ZOX International to provide global connectivity and real-time visibility for their cold chain monitoring solution.

The solution is currently being used to monitor COVID vaccine shipments and provide quality control throughout the supply chain, all over the world.

Sierra Wireless’ multi-mode LPWA modules offer best-in-class power performance for global LTE-M, NB-IoT, and 2G networks, providing seamless global connectivity for the HIVE-ZOX solution. They offer a wide selection of bands for scalability across the world, and their high transmit power ensure a resilient connection, even in challenging underground or remote locations.

“The HL78 Series provides a cost-effective, secure and best-in-class power performance for low-bandwidth IoT applications. It has variants that support the latest Cat-M1/NB2 3GPP Release 14 standard, GNSS for precise location, 2G fallback for global coverage, a secure element for an added layer of security”, said Olivier Pauzet, VP of Product & IoT Solutions, Sierra Wireless.

“With extended reach beyond traditional cellular, the HL78 Series is ideal for real-time fixed or mobile applications such as asset or cold chain tracking, to help ensure that products are not compromised, and that there is complete transparency throughout their journey.”

“Originally, we were working with 3G & 4G communications, but quickly realized that we needed a global next-generation mobile IoT network solution to track and monitor assets,” said Charles Bourbonnais, CEO & Co-Founder, HIVE-ZOX International. “We chose Sierra Wireless’ HL7802 LPWA module to fulfill our global connectivity needs after they were recommended to us.”

“The module enables 2G fallback for truly global communication, and also includes GNSS for location,” continued Mr. Bourbonnais. “Further, the technical team have been regularly available to help us with any aspect of development and integration and to review any issues, and they prioritized deliveries for us even with the worldwide supply chain shortages and constraints so that we were able to push forward with production. Sierra has proven themselves to be a trusted partner, and their solution has been very effective.”

Based in Switzerland, HIVE-ZOX International creates innovative technology using the Sierra Wireless LPWA module to track and monitor products across their supply chains, in real-time. The HIVE-ZOX Solution is a cloud-based platform offering connected Monitoring as a Service (cMaaS) for global supply chains, from end-to-end at product level; tracking, identifying and monitoring environmental conditions of transportation and storage and providing 24/7 visibility. The solution helps to ensure quality control, reduces spoilage and waste, improves performance, ensures the compliance of industry regulations, saves time and costs, and guarantees product quality and the safety of assets throughout their journey.

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