Pod Group Launches ENO ONE Global, the Key to Massive Global Deployment of IoT Devices

Pod Group Launches ENO ONE Global, the Key to Massive Global Deployment of IoT Devices

Access to native, roaming, public and private networks on a single SKU.

Following the launch of its single SKU eSIM ENO ONE for the US market at CES earlier this year, Pod Group – a Giesecke+Devrient (G+D) company and the world’s first Enterprise Network Operator (ENO) – has today in the run up to Hannover Messe, announced the launch of ENO ONE Global, a multi-featured eSIM that offers the widest choice of public native and roaming profiles globally, in addition to private network profiles and customized SIM applets to enhance security, provisioning and device management.

ENO ONE Global is designed to give enterprises access to all the network profiles they need to scale, allowing combinations of native in-country profiles with global roaming and private network profiles. These can be updated Over The Air (OTA) via a single SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) meaning that the user can dynamically update their device connectivity remotely, with no need to manage multiple SIMs and platforms. Based on Pod’s core network, which includes public and private cores, the solution also enables secure and seamless roaming between public and private infrastructure. The combination of G+D’s market leading eSIM solution and Pod Group’s global connectivity and intuitive platform delivered “as a Service” means enterprises need only work with one trusted partner for all their connectivity requirements.

The ENO ONE Global eSIM incorporates G+D’s innovative bootstrap technology to maximize efficiency, leveraging a multi-IMSI global roaming profile for massive deployment of IoT devices at low cost. Both consumer eSIM (SGP22) and IoT eSIM (SGP02) standards are available, making ENO ONE Global a flexible and agnostic choice for a multitude of different vertical applications.

In addition, customized SIM applets such as Zero Touch Provisioning and SIM2Cloud Encryption are available as standard, further enhancing the capabilities of the ENO ONE Global eSIM. These applets simplify massive deployments of IoT devices globally, since they enable the device to “auto-configure” by securely downloading the configuration from the cloud when it is first switched on in the destination market. This greatly simplifies the manufacturing process, since all devices can be manufactured the same way, saving the cost and time of individual configuration.

Sam Colley, CEO of Pod Group commented:
“Until now, massive deployment of IoT devices has been hampered by the complexity of configuring and managing devices on global networks. Pod and G+D’s unique position has enabled us to develop the most fully featured eSIM on the market, beyond other offerings relying only on roaming services, with the ability to combine public native, roaming and private network profiles on a single SKU, managed by a single platform. Furthermore, our advanced SIM applet technology provides unique security and device management options. With everything available “as a Service”, our offerings can be tailored to the exact needs of the enterprise.”

“This truly is a first of its kind, a turnkey eSIM solution enabling enterprises to adopt flexible connectivity and management out-of-the-box.”

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