New Consumption-Based IoT Pricing Model from Blues Wireless Replaces Competitor Subscription Models

New Consumption-Based IoT Pricing Model from Blues Wireless Replaces Competitor Subscription Models

New pricing model is simple, transparent, and disrupts the industry-standard subscription-based offerings.

Blues Wireless, the emerging leader in defining the full-stack IoT edge-to-cloud market, today announced a pricing update that disrupts the industry-standard subscription-based model.

The update drastically simplifies how customers pay for and consume data-routing services through Blues Wireless hardware and software.

Blues Wireless is the only IoT company that offers a tiny 30mm x 35mm low-power design, secure System-on-Module (the Notecard) that includes 500 MB of prepaid cellular connectivity. In addition to its small form factor, low-power design, robust security, and baked-in cellular connectivity, Notecards also contain an on-system database, file management, and machine learning capabilities. With the purchase of a Blues Notecard, customers get free, unlimited access to the Blues Notehub, a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) that allows customers to create projects and activate, configure, and manage their IoT devices from prototype to production at scale.

Blues now provides customers the ability purchase Consumption Credits to use towards Notehub services, such as routing events to their preferred cloud solutions like AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud. Customers control what they buy, how they use it, and what they use it for. Volume discounts are baked in. Full transparency – no subscriptions, obligations, or annoying fees.

“Our core objective is to eliminate the complexity involved in connecting IoT devices to the cloud,” said Ray Ozzie, founder & CEO of Blues Wireless.

“The Notecard has fundamentally changed the game, eliminating complexity in part through embedded cellular. Today, we’re changing the game again with Notehub, eliminating complexity by embedding PaaS. From device to cloud: no subscription required.”

As of May 26, 2022, the following changes went into effect:

  • No monthly project subscription fees.
  • Each Notehub account now features a Billing Account, moving from project-based billing to account-based consumption, allowing all projects to consume services from the same account.
  • Unlimited projects and users within Notehub.
  • No monthly in arrears fees for routing events and APIs.
  • Consumption Credit model that allows for improved consumption of current and future services made available in Notehub.

Consumption Credit model:

  • 5,000 Consumption Credits are included with each newly purchased and activated Notecard at no additional cost.
  • Consumption Credits are consumed from the Notehub Billing Account as Notehub services, such as data routing, are utilized.
  • Each Notehub Billing Account is refreshed to 5,000 Consumption Credits at the beginning of each month if it’s running low, at no additional cost.
  • Additional Consumption Credits may be purchased from Notehub and discounts are available, up to 80% based on volume purchased.

“Enterprises and individuals are tired of the fee-based, multi-year subscription model. People want simplicity, affordability, control, and transparency,” said Jim Hassman, President & CRO of Blues Wireless. “Every single company and person we have shown this pricing model to has confirmed that this is the future of IoT.”

In addition to simplifying the pricing model, Blues is also simplifying its pricing plans. Going forward, there will only be two plan options: Standard or Enterprise.

Standard Plan: Cellular connectivity and 5,000 consumption credits are included with each Notecard, and billing accounts will refresh to 5,000 consumption credits monthly if running low. Effectively a freemium offering, customers on the standard plan who are prototyping and testing new IoT concepts will likely have no need to purchase anything from Blues. Customers who need more Consumption Credits for their projects can purchase them at any time and take advantage of connectivity and Consumption Credit assurance in Notehub to ensure they never run out.

Enterprise Plan: Customers with large fleets and special requirements will be able to take full advantage of the features of the Standard Plan and be eligible for á la cart features of the Enterprise Plan around hosting, support, and services.

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