MicroEJ streamlines IoT software development with an embedded Virtual Execution Environment for Thales Cinterion® IoT Modules

MicroEJ streamlines IoT software development with an embedded Virtual Execution Environment for Thales Cinterion® IoT Modules

MicroEJ, a leader in software enablement solutions for IoT and embedded devices, today announces the availability of its standard Virtual Execution Environment, MICROEJ VEE, for Thales Cinterion® IoT Module and Plug and Play IoT Device portfolio.

The partnership strategically aligns both companies’ business models to offer flexible application management, increase security by design at software level, simplify and streamline development, and accelerate time-to-production in markets such as energy, utilities, connected cars, medical, smart homes and buildings, asset tracking and Point of Sales.

As billions of devices are connected through 2G/3G/4G/5G and tomorrow 6G networks, Thales is teaming up with MicroEJ to introduce MICROEJ VEE universal software container for Thales Cinterion IoT Modules such as PLS83-W or EXS82-W and Cinterion® IoT Plug and Play Devices such as EGX81, along with its related software development tools and virtual modules.

MICROEJ VEE leverages the native computing power of Cinterion® IoT Modules, and IoT Plug and Play Devices eliminating the need for an external processor and further reducing size, energy consumption, and electronic costs as well as decreasing data bandwidth usage for software updates.

MICROEJ VEE secure container leverages both Thales Cinterion® IoT connectivity solutions and Cinterion® IoT Suite cloud platform and it enables:

  • Faster go to production process: MicroEJ radically simplifies IoT software development by integrating simulation (development and testing on virtual devices), continuous integration and multi-object-oriented programming, where software components are integrated and tested separately.
  • Flexible software content management: Software applications are developed once and used on various Cinterion® IoT Modules and IoT Plug and Play Devices without modification and software can be updated over-the-air for a large fleet of devices. Partial updates greatly extend the device lifespan and eliminates the need for costly software integration.
  • Enhanced IoT reliability: MICROEJ VEE partitions software components into trusted hermetic containers, improving control over abnormalities in device behavior by monitoring resource usage in real time and managing processing demands or memory consumption.
  • Enhanced IoT security: MICROEJ VEE enhances the digital IDs and security attributes embedded into the roots of Cinterion® IoT Modules and IoT Plug and Play Devices. Security at execution forbids faulty applications to interact with low-level device features and complies with the highest government certification levels.

Dr. Fred Rivard, MicroEJ’s CEO, states:
“Our partnership with Thales enables our customers to benefit from cost-effective yet secure IoT communications, by enabling the secure integration and management of applications in sealed software component containers. MICROEJ VEE plays a major role in the drastic acceleration of new product launches, by allowing development on virtual devices (digital twin of real devices), reduced R&D efforts and better collaboration between teams thanks to short development cycles. We are proud to enable low-footprint virtualization for Thales IoT modules, currently used to connect millions of smart meters, automobiles, wearables, and much more.”

Christoph Caselitz, Managing Director IoT Solutions at Thales, said:
“Thales has been pioneering IoT solutions for 25 years, providing the world with an extensive range of Cinterion® IoT Modules and Plug and Play IoT Devices for virtually any IoT or M2M application. We are pleased to work with MicroEJ to improve the IoT customer journey with development tools and technologies that integrate seamlessly with Cinterion® IoT Modules and Plug and Play Devices to streamline and simplify software development and efficient lifecycle management for reliable, secure and low-power IoT solutions.”

“The MICROEJ VEE solution for Thales enables our customers to bring new IoT products to market much faster.”

More information about MICROEJ VEE for Thales IoT modules here.

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