KORE Collaborates with Google Cloud to Deliver IoT Solutions

KORE Collaborates with Google Cloud to Deliver IoT Solutions

KORE brings the scale and expertise to help customers with ‘everything IoT’.

KORE, a global leader in Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions and worldwide IoT Connectivity-as-a-Service (IoT CaaS), announced today that it has established a go to market alliance with Google Cloud to bring IoT capabilities to global businesses.

This multi-year alliance will help enterprises create robust IoT solutions that leverage Google Cloud infrastructure and capabilities, as well as KORE’s IoT Solutions. The alliance brings together KORE’s expertise of simplifying the complexities of IoT deployment with a rich set of ‘one stop shop’ services and the ability to orchestrate the IoT ecosystem of devices, global connectivity and services, paired with Google Cloud’s data and analytics excellence for optimal business outcomes.

KORE will help customers migrate to a robust and reliable IoT service built on Google Cloud’s trusted, global infrastructure. This new solution will bring numerous value-added features to customers in not only connectivity but also device management and streamlined processes. KORE and Google Cloud will work together to provide customers with industry-leading and long-term service levels, quality and excellence through the KORE IoT platform.

“KORE is thrilled to collaborate with Google Cloud as an IoT partner,” KORE President and CEO Romil Bahl said.

“The collaboration with Google Cloud will help customers innovate with IoT and shows the strong foundation we provide for organizations to simplify the complexities of IoT through our solution set, which provides comprehensive value throughout the IoT life cycle.”

In addition, the alliance will also serve to transform the IoT industry by expanding new paths to market for industries such as Connected Health, Fleet/Logistics, Industrial IoT, retail/communications service providers and more. The alliance will:

  • Establish KORE as a Google Cloud partner in IoT
  • Bring KORE’s innovative IoT platform and Solutions in Healthcare, Fleet and Industrial onto Google Cloud
  • Support co-innovation between the two organizations in key industry verticals to achieve success in the rapidly evolving and growing IoT industry

“By partnering with IoT innovators like KORE, we can help businesses securely provision, manage and scale their IoT devices. Through this new partnership, enterprises get more value from connected devices and equipment and gain real-time insights from their IoT data,” said Pallab Deb, Managing Director, Application ISV Partnerships at Google Cloud.

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