Energous Applauds AirFuel™ RF Standard for Wireless Power Transfer

Energous Applauds AirFuel™ RF Standard for Wireless Power Transfer

As an AirFuel Alliance board member, Energous supported the development of the radio frequency-based industry standard to charge or power IoT devices over-the-air.

Energous Corporation, a leading developer of RF-based charging for wireless power networks, today applauds the announcement that AirFuel RF, the radio frequency-based wireless charging technology from AirFuel Alliance, is now an industry standard.

AirFuel Alliance® is a global coalition of companies, including Energous, focused on developing standards for leading edge wireless power technologies and accelerating their adoption. Like Energous’ WattUp technology, AirFuel RF uses radio frequency (RF) wireless power and enables rapid charging of multiple devices simultaneously. AirFuel RF is now an industry standard, opening RF-based wireless power to further support the growing power needs of the rapidly expanding IoT ecosystem of devices such as sensors, smart tags, asset trackers and other IoT applications.

“Energous has been on the AirFuel Alliance board of directors since 2016 and we are proud to have supported this development, a critical milestone for the scalability of the growing ecosystem of IoT devices which need consistent and reliable power,” said Cesar Johnston, CEO of Energous.

“Over-the-air RF-based wireless power enabled by AirFuel RF and our WattUp technology frees IoT deployments from the burdens of replaceable batteries and power cables, enabling a new reality of batteryless, mobile, waterproof, maintenance-free, and easier-to-implement devices.”

Internet-connected devices are expanding in both numbers and capabilities, driving innovation, and delivering tremendous value. However, the current power delivery methods to IoT devices — including power cables and replaceable batteries — are not ideal and in many cases are limiting the rollout and practical use cases, particularly in the industrial and retail environments. RF-based wireless power transfer overcomes these issues, ensuring a reliable, consistent power delivery method that can help large IoT deployments scale at an economic price.

“Today marks a significant milestone for the wireless power industry, as it establishes RF-based wireless power as a recommended standard form of wireless power transfer for the industry,” said Dr. Sanjay Gupta, President of AirFuel Alliance.

“AirFuel RF allows for the charging of multiple IoT devices with different power needs all at once. Ultimately, this technology enables battery-less devices in applications including wearables, retail, smart sensors, accessories, and more. We are thrilled at its availability as an industry standard.”

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