UnaBiz partners with The Things Industries to bring LoRaWAN product excellence to technology convergence strategy

UnaBiz partners with The Things Industries to bring LoRaWAN product excellence to technology convergence strategy

UnaBiz1 has partnered with The Things Industries2 to provide customers with a better experience for collecting IoT data and device heterogeneous fleet device management.

The partnership involves UnaBiz integrating The Things Stack into its middleware platform, UnaConnect, to enhance its capabilities in interfacing with the TTI network. This integration will allow customers who want to adopt hybrid solutions to enjoy secure, reliable, and cost-efficient data aggregation service.

Henri Bong, CEO and Co-Founder of UnaBiz:

“Interoperability has always been an obstacle for Massive IoT. By integrating The Things Stack onto UnaConnect, we are offering our customers the freedom to choose the best solution that fits their needs. By leveraging the TTI’s global roaming platform, we enable our customers to roam and scale on both 0G and LoRaWAN.”

As part of the partnership, UnaBiz and its 70+ national Sigfox 0G Operators will also gain access to The Things Industries’ global LoRaWAN roaming platform, providing a complementary roaming and peering infrastructure. This will enable UnaBiz and its partners to offer immediately carrier-grade LoRaWAN roaming and peering solutions to its customers.

The Things Industries, a trusted partner for LoRaWAN device makers globally, will provide UnaBiz with direct access to its ecosystem of 500+ device makers and 170K developers worldwide. This partnership will provide UnaBiz with the opportunity to leverage The Things Industries’ expertise in the LoRaWAN network management infrastructure and directly tap into its global market-leading platform, The Things Stack Cloud.

“We are excited to support UnaBiz in their technology convergence strategy as their partner for LoRaWAN network management infrastructure. We are a strong believer of their vision and are happy to provide their customers with a world class LoRaWAN infrastructure” – Wienke Giezeman, CEO and Co-founder of The Things Industries.

In conclusion, UnaBiz and The Things Industries’ partnership will deliver unparalleled IoT solutions, bringing together the strengths of each company to address the needs of the industrial IoT market and provide customers with the best possible experience.

1 Unabiz, Massive IoT service provider and integrator specializing in sensor product design, manufacturing, and data platform services
2 The Things Industries, the world’s leading provider of managed and on-premises LoRaWAN network servers

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