Fibocom Showcases at Computex 2023, Unleashing the Value of 5G AIoT for Industry Transformation

Fibocom Showcases at Computex 2023, Unleashing the Value of 5G AIoT for Industry Transformation

Fibocom is presenting its cellular wireless modules and solutions at Computex 2023, the world’s leading tradeshow demonstrating the most up-to-date tech trends from May 30th to June 2nd. Fibocom launched the 5G RedCap module FG132-NA series in accelerating the massive deployments of 5G applications during the show.

Fibocom, a global leading provider of IoT (Internet of Things) wireless solutions and wireless communication modules, has demonstrated the leading-edge wireless IoT module solutions and embedded PC solutions at Computex from May 30th to June 2nd at Booth #I1010.

Featuring the commercialization of 5G applications, Fibocom has launched the 5G RedCap module FG132-NA series to enable the application scenarios such as industrial automation, FWA, smart wearables, and smart cities.

Fibocom Introduces the FG132-NA RedCap Module Series towards Mid-tier 5G IoT Connectivity at Computex 2023

Introducing the 5G RedCap Module FG132-NA to Offer Affordable 5G Solution

During the show, Fibocom announced the global launch of its RedCap module FG132-NA series to expand the 5G deployments with a cost-effective, low power consumption, and ultra-reliable connectivity solution. Fibocom FG132-NA series modules are compliant with 3GPP Release 17 standard, supporting 5G SA and are backward compatible with LTE Cat 4 networks. In terms of hardware architecture, the module series is adopting 1T2R antenna design along with LCC+LGA and M.2 form factors to satisfy the customers’ expectations in a diverse of use scenarios.

The size of LCC+LGA form factor can be measured at 29*32mm, which is pin-compatible with Fibocom LTE Cat 4 modules for customers to upgrade to 5G smoothly. While the plug-and-play M.2 form factor offers a comprehensive solution for tablets and industrial gateways with a compact size of 30*42mm. By leveraging the 5G key advancements, FG132-NA supports up to 220Mbps downlink speed and 100Mbps uplink speed, as well as 5G slicing, 5G LAN, assuring the speed performance and network reliability in the daily operation of manufacturing factory, IPC, smart grids, etc.

Fibocom booth at Computex 2023

High-reliability, Outstanding-performance Module Solution Accelerating the Deployments of 5G AIoT Applications

The number of connected IoT devices in the global market is expected to grow to 16.7 billion active endpoints according to the latest reports from IoT Analytics, and the number continues to grow at a fast speed in upcoming years. Fibocom is providing 5G/4G/LPWA/GNSS wireless modules and AI-enabled modules to an extensive of IoT applications, including:

  • FWA devices such as IDU/ODU/Mobile Hotspot embedded with Fibocom 5G modules bring ultra-fast, low-latency broadband connectivity service for home/enterprise/manufacturing users.
  • AI edge computing box embedded with Fibocom 5G module FM160/FG160 series will significantly improve the speed performance, which is of vital importance to help decision makers to access the real-time data and take actions instantly.
  • Fibocom LTE Cat 1 module L610 offers a stable 4G network connection solution for mobile tracking scenarios, helping fleet managers to track the status of their assets in real-time.

Driving the Innovation of 5G-enabled PCs with Fibocom 5G Modules

With the rising trends of WFH (work from home), the demand for always-connected PCs stays at the top of people’s daily work life. Fibocom has demonstrated the best-in-class module solutions for connected PCs. Embedded with Fibocom FM350, the users of 5G PCs can enjoy a reliable connection anywhere, anytime. As a global leading provider of wireless communication modules and solutions, Fibocom has accumulated in-depth know-how in the PC market, looking forward, will put continuous efforts into propelling the connected PCs seamlessly.

Fibocom CEO Tiger Ying

On the opening day of Computex, Tiger Ying, CEO of Fibocom talked with the editor from local media partner Digitimes about the recent market trends and Fibocom’s global strategy.

Tiger Ying, CEO of Fibocom, said:

“Fibocom launched the first 5G module in 2019, in the past few years, we have achieved great performance in the global FWA market benefiting from the technical know-how we accumulated from the 4G era.”

“On the other hand, Fibocom has worked closely with mainstream chip providers to provide a one-stop total solution for FWA customers, which is of great help in reducing the time to market and smooth upgrade from 4G to 5G. Looking forward, Fibocom will keep providing the best-in-class wireless module products and solutions to our customers worldwide, enabling smart connectivity with perfect wireless experience.”

As the show continues, we welcome you to visit Fibocom stand at Computex 2023, booth #I1010 in hall 1.

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