emnify and Skylo to Unveil the First Converged Cellular and Satellite Connectivity at Mobile World Congress

emnify and Skylo to Unveil the First Converged Cellular and Satellite Connectivity at Mobile World Congress

Friction-free, global IoT connectivity reduces costs and operational overhead.

Today, emnify the leader in cloud-native IoT connectivity solutions, and Skylo, a global software-defined non-terrestrial network (NTN) operator focusing on connecting everything, everywhere, announce an industry-first convergence of satellite and cellular IoT connectivity from a single emnify SIM.

Partnering with leading module manufacturer, Murata, the companies are expanding the next generation of IoT connectivity to space. The combination of emnify’s cloud-native, mobile core technology and direct IoT cellular access with providers around the globe, with Skylo’s NTN satellite access, provides seamless, intelligent, friction-free, network IoT connectivity.

The emnify IoT SuperNetwork, the industry’s first cloud-native IoT connectivity service with direct access to over 540 cellular networks in over 180 countries, provides access to Skylo’s satellite NTN services, marking the first and only single SIM access to global IoT connectivity on terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks. This innovation drastically reduces the operational cost and complexity of adding satellite connectivity, delivering on the promise of converged IoT connectivity to meet the needs of scaling IoT businesses, regardless of geographical challenges or local network infrastructure limitations.

“Our collaboration with Skylo underscores our commitment to expanding the SuperNetwork to create new opportunities and open new markets for IoT businesses everywhere,” said Frank Stoecker, CEO and emnify founder.

“The addition of satellite connectivity exemplifies the power of the SuperNetwork to go beyond traditional networks to provide dedicated IoT connectivity with truly global reach.”

Skylo, the leader in satellite connectivity, shares in the excitement. “We are thrilled to partner with emnify to offer friction-free access to NTN, ensuring that businesses are always connected for critical needs,” said Parthsarathi Trivedi, CEO and Skylo co-founder. “This innovation in IoT connectivity provides new levels of reliability and device availability, expanding IoT’s reach to previously inaccessible areas, and bringing new use cases to life.”

“It’s critical that IoT customers have reliable, cost-effective, integrated hardware solutions to take advantage of innovations in IoT connectivity,” said Mehul Udani, Vice President Corporate Technology and Innovation for Murata. “Murata’s combined cellular and NTN radio modules provide a breakthrough in offering converged connectivity around the globe.”

Transformative use cases highlight converged IoT connectivity potential

Remote Monitoring Systems

In remote regions lacking traditional infrastructure, the unparalleled reach of the SuperNetwork with Skylo’s NTN satellite connectivity will enable reliable monitoring of water resources. The SuperNetwork ensures that sensors always use the appropriate network in their location.

According to Matt Trumbo, Director of Product Management for In-Situ, “For our markets, NTN effectively means you can use your cellular devices anywhere – no worrying about coverage, no hassles with local providers and network compatibility. It’s the benefits of traditional satellite data providers at an order of magnitude less in cost and in power consumption. NTN will completely alter how we partner with our customers to create decision-quality information.”

Asset Tracking

The SuperNetwork’s advanced reach and reliability with Skylo’s NTN satellite connectivity is necessary to enable breakthrough use cases and opportunities in asset tracking. High value assets are often stationed permanently or temporarily in remote, previously unconnected areas. Powered by a single emnify SIM, IoT tracking devices and sensors provide continuous data to monitor equipment location, movement and critical telemetry needed for services such as predictive maintenance, usage optimization, and security.

“We’re excited about the possibility of merging satellite and cellular connectivity for GPS tracking in remote and rural areas. It’s a compelling solution that extends our tracking capabilities to places where conventional cell networks can’t reach. This innovation not only broadens our service coverage but also ensures connectivity in the most remote locations, enhancing the reliability of our GPS tracking solutions,” said Adam Ben Jacob Director of Sales, Support & Technology for OneStep GPS. “Our team is eager to dive into testing and deployment.”

New SuperNetwork Eval Program

emnify and Skylo are offering a new evaluation program for customers interested in deploying converged cellular and satellite connectivity. This program will allow selected participants to work directly with emnify and Skylo to test their use cases and the capabilities of the SuperNetwork to jumpstart their converged IoT connectivity transformation with hands-on support and guidance from a team of IoT experts.

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