Fibocom Collaborates with Industry Partners to Accelerate 5G RedCap Commercialization in Extended Markets

Fibocom Collaborates with Industry Partners to Accelerate 5G RedCap Commercialization in Extended Markets

Fibocom is delighted to announce the successful implementation of the 5G RedCap module solution, the cutting-edge innovation integrates with advanced 5G capabilities, to multiple application scenarios through collaborative efforts with industry partners from diversified segment markets. By achieving momentum across industries, the 5G RedCap module solution that Fibocom offers is capable of delivering a high-performance and cost-effective connectivity service for industry customers at the early stage of the 5G RedCap rollout.

Fibocom announces an industry-leading momentum of implementing deployable and commercialized 5G RedCap module solution to 5G IoT scenarios, in collaboration with well-known customers including but not limited to Askey, Quanta Computer, PLANET, companies of whom have profound influence in the vertical markets respectively.

Rigorous engineering testing and verification has been conducted to ensure the seamless integration of the latest generation 5G RedCap on customers’ devices. Enabling ultra-reliable data transmission and efficient network utilization under the 5G network catering to diverse application scenarios such as in-home connectivity, enterprises-level connectivity, and industrial-grade connectivity, etc.

Designed to offer a “lightweight” version of 5G and expand the proliferation of 5G in the IoT landscape, Fibocom has introduced a series of 3GPP R17 compliant 5G RedCap modules based on different chipset platforms, FG131, FG132, and FM330 during MWC Barcelona 2024. These RedCap modules are positioned to provide high-performance and cost-effective module solutions to industry customers fulfilling the smooth migration from 4G to 5G. It is worth noting that scalable form factor options are available for customers to adapt to the diversified market demands. Fibocom 5G RedCap module solution provides enhanced network performance, simplified hardware and antenna design while conserving low power consumption. By implementing Fibocom’s 5G RedCap module solution in customers’ terminal devices such as CPE, ODU, mobile hot-spot, dongle, industrial router, gateway, power equipment, in-vehicle smart device, camera, etc., allowing these devices to access 5G network in real-time and deliver superior data transmission performance in complex IoT environments, making it an ideal solution for the efficient management of business projects.

Askey Computer

“Askey is proud to partner with Fibocom on the development of the NR Lite 5G RedCap Camera, incorporating the advanced FG132 module. This collaboration represents a significant stride in our commitment to delivering top-tier networking solutions,” Said James Lee, BU Head of Camera R&D at Askey. “I am full of enthusiasm for this innovative outdoor camera designed to elevate video quality and provide global customers with unparalleled video services. With a range of accessories enhancing functionality, this collaboration aims to redefine the standards for 5G-connected cameras in outdoor environments.”

Quanta Computer Inc.

“Quanta and Fibocom have maintained a solid and close collaboration among LTE Cat1 to 5G solutions, build up a robust foundation for our partnership. While the upcoming RedCap market on the horizon, we are both poised for success. With the technical expertise and collaborative partnerships, Quanta and Fibocom are committed to deliver unique products and services, drive innovation in wireless communication industry and achieve the goal of expediting customer success.” Said Steve Cheng, VP & GM of Quanta Computer Inc.

PLANET Technology

“Aiming for the 5G infrastructure opportunities, PLANET continues to release a variety of 5G NR cellular communication solutions. The comprehensive product line includes the Industrial 5G IoT Fiber Gateway and the Industrial 5G NR Outdoor Unit (ODU) for harsh environments, the Enterprise 5G NR VPN Security Gateway and the 5G NR Compact Cellular Gateway. We believe that by applying Fibocom’s 5G RedCap module technology to PLANET already strong 5G cellular solution, we will be able to optimize product performance by providing high speed, low latency and secure data transmission. Making the deployment of 5G private network more flexible and cost effective. At the same time, satisfying the demand to accelerate industrial 5G private network deployment and IoT network.” Said Kent Kang, Senior Director of Product Engineering Department at PLANET.

“We are proud of the joint announcement of the commercially deployable 5G RedCap solution with our customers from diversified markets based on Fibocom’s 5G RedCap module portfolios. As an enabler in the ecosystem value chain, Fibocom will keep exploring the capabilities of 5G RedCap in the aspects of hardware design, network performance and power efficiency,” said Ronald Chan, VP of APAC Sales Department at Fibocom.

“We look forward to unleashing the full potential of 5G RedCap with our industry customers and helping customers to realize the monetization of 5G RedCap with less time to market.”

Learn more about Fibocom’s RedCap module portfolio at booth #5I33 in hall 5 during MWC Barcelona 2024.

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