CINTERION and Trimble Collaborate on Compatible Wireless M2M and GPS Modules for Asset Management Solutions

CINTERION, along with Trimble, announce their collaboration to pair the companies’ state-of-the-art M2M and GPS technologies.

Combining CINTERIONs cellular communication modules and Trimble’s Condor™ GPS modules creates a flexible, best-in-class technology solution for a wide variety of asset management services.

CINTERION’s modules offer full type approval and pre-approval by major mobile network operators around the globe, which significantly reduces time-to-market. Trimble’s family of Condor modules are easily integrated with CINTERION’s advanced platform of more than 40 market-leading modules offering wireless connectivity on both 2G and 3G networks.

Trimble’s Condor GPS modules feature major advancements in signal tracking for applications working in environments with poor signal strength. With higher sensitivity, enhanced performance and faster startup times, Condor modules enable system integrators to easily add cost-effective GPS capability to a mobile device with minimal impact on size or battery life.

“Developers and integrators have a growing need for easy-to-integrate, high-quality M2M modules and GPS capability,” said Peter Fowler, CINTERION regional president for the Americas at Gemalto. “The combination of our award-winning M2M communication modules and Trimble’s Condor GPS modules has raised the bar for performance and reliability in a flexible, cost-effective solution.”

CINTERION is a valued technology partner with a worldwide reputation for high-quality technology, outstanding solutions support, strong carrier relationships and full type approvals – all essential elements of successful M2M solutions,” said Steve Ruff, general manager, Trimble’s Embedded Products Division.

We selected CINTERION for integration in our TM3000 asset tracking solution and the outstanding results enabled us to launch the product in weeks rather than months, saving precious time and resources.

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