Wyless and Integron Announce a Strategic Partnership to Provide End-to-End Solution Management for M2M

Wyless Group, the leading global M2M managed services provider, and Integron, the leading global M2M deployment services company, today announced a strategic partnership to provide end-to-end managed services across a wide range of M2M applications, with a particular focus on remote monitoring of patients in healthcare and critical asset monitoring for enterprise customers.

This strategic partnership will reduce the cost, complexity and implementation time of new M2M solutions for customers from a wide range of vertical applications, as well as reducing ongoing support and administrative overhead.

Dan McDuffie, CEO Wyless Group, said:
We are very excited about deepening our existing strategic partnership with Integron. These days, ASPs and Large Enterprises deploying M2M services are recognizing that they need much more than just wireless data connectivity. The fast-changing M2M landscape and the dizzying array of new applications that are coming online every day demand both fast time-to-market and a great deal of agility when implementing new M2M solutions.

One of Wyless’s key differentiators has always been our wealth of experience in helping our partners solve deployment and logistical challenges when bringing new M2M solutions to market. Our partnership with Integron builds upon this foundation as we bring Integron’s immense logistical and supply chain expertise to our partners and customers, simplifying their deployment and asset management strategies and further reducing their time-to- market.

Bryan Lubel, President Integron, said:
This relationship will help customers streamline their M2M solution design and implementation cycle. Our clients are asking for a comprehensive managed service model, as they begin to understand the complexity of the value chain and the resources required to design, implement and sustain M2M projects.

We help the customer identify and solve the four key challenges in an M2M deployment – wireless coverage/cost/certifications, integrating wireless and asset data elements, supply chain and technical logistics, and the resources required to support and sustain a large-scale project. The strategic partnership between Integron and Wyless will help the customer navigate the M2M Ecosystem, and significantly reduce the time to market for their M2M solution.

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