Verizon Wireless and ILS Technology Form Strategic Alliance and Technology Partnership to Support Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Services

deviceWISE M2M Application Platform Will Help Verizon Wireless Enterprise Customers with M2M Connectivity.

Verizon Wireless today announced a strategic alliance and technology partnership with ILS Technology to use its deviceWISE™ M2M smart device application platform as a component of Verizon Wireless’ Machine to Machine (M2M) Management Center and other smart service offerings.

The deviceWISE M2M Application Platform enables Verizon Wireless to quickly deliver and implement intelligence and connectivity for M2M devices. The Verizon Wireless Machine to Machine Management Center enables enterprise customers to connect any Verizon Wireless certified device to back-office, field service applications or infrastructure over the Verizon Wireless Mobile Broadband network. Customers can access an integrated dashboard to manage network connections, self-service device management and other essential elements of machine-to-machine connectivity.

Verizon Wireless’ M2M services go beyond just connecting machines, people and systems across our leading wireless networks,” said Janet Schijns, vice president, Business Solutions, Verizon Wireless. “They include the ability to efficiently, reliably and securely collect and distribute key data among devices, back-end applications and mobile personnel. The Verizon Wireless and ILS technology alliance is another tool for enterprise customers to use as they expand their M2M connections across their businesses.

The alliance between Verizon Wireless and ILS Technology offers improved time to market; helps reduce operating costs; gives customers the ability to track key performance indicators; and provides enhanced aftermarket services.

To be selected as a M2M application technology partner for Verizon Wireless’ M2M initiatives is a validation of our approach to the market,” said Fred Yentz, chief executive officer of ILS Technology. “The inclusion of our deviceWISE solution provides differentiation in the competitive M2M market by removing the complexities of M2M deployment. Our deviceWISE solution enables Verizon Wireless to simply and quickly deploy value added M2M Offerings to their enterprise customer base.

The ILS technology alliance also enables Verizon Wireless to further simplify customer M2M application-layer integration by securely connecting and intelligently exchanging information from devices to existing enterprise applications on a global scale with no custom programming required. The combined solution enables a full suite of remote asset management capabilities to include monitoring, predictive maintenance and remote remediation.

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