Mobile World Communications supplies Sierra Wireless intelligent wireless router to Metsäliitto forest industry group for 3G connections

Sierra Wireless AirLink™ MP895 ultra-rugged, in-vehicle router provides wireless connection for real-time tracking of heavy equipment, vehicles and wood inventory under demanding environmental conditions.

Sierra Wireless and Mobile World Communications, an authorized Sierra Wireless distributor in Finland, today announced that Mobile World Communications is supplying Sierra Wireless AirLink™ ultra-rugged in-vehicle routers for sub-contractors with the Metsäliitto Group, an international forest industry group with operations in 30 countries.

Metsäliitto chose the Sierra Wireless AirLink MP895 rugged in-vehicle router to provide fast, 3G connections in its heavy machinery and transport vehicles, enabling real-time transmission of critical information such as the quantity and location of wood resources.

Metsäliitto selected Sierra Wireless products based on their reliable operation in the most demanding environments and the broad coverage provided by the AirLink MP895 router, which supports four HSPA frequency bands (850, 900, 1900, and 2100 MHz), ensuring wide compatibility across rural areas in Finland, as well as with networks in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia.

Sierra Wireless AirLink products offer a highly configurable platform that enables fast and easy implementation, as well as remote configuration and management of devices in the field. The integrated ALEOS™ embedded intelligence and the AirLink suite of device management software provide Metsäliitto with automated monitoring and control of the AirLink routers, and where necessary, the ability to remotely carry out modifications and software updates. This remote management capability is a key feature valued by Metsäliitto, based on the need to operate and maintain equipment over wide geographic areas.

We are pleased to collaborate with Metsäliitto and Sierra Wireless to provide mobile connectivity for Metsäliitto subcontractors in the field,” said Matti Onnelainen, CEO for Mobile World Communications. “This project serves as a great example of how M2M communications can provide our customers with better quality information and communication capabilities to improve their business operations.

Being able to communicate with equipment and operators regardless of location has become critically important, and we understand the significant level of trust a company like Metsäliitto needs to have in the communications devices it chooses,” said Justin Schmid, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Solutions and Services for Sierra Wireless. “We’re proud to have been chosen by Metsäliitto to provide that critical link.

Sierra Wireless AirLink gateways and routers are utilized in mission-critical applications throughout the world to provide reliable wireless two-way data communications for applications such as industrial automation, tracking and mobile resource management, monitoring systems, payment terminals, and primary and back up business continuity. Sierra Wireless AirLink MP-series ultra-rugged routers are ideal for a broad set of critical in-vehicle applications that must perform reliably under harsh conditions.

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