DH Solutions Launches Embedded M2M Solution Based on the Axeda Platform

DH Solutions, a leading M2M (machine-to-machine) integrator and distributor, today announced it will launch an embedded M2M solution, developed on the Axeda® Platform. DHARMA, a data communications device, enables companies to monitor the health of that device as well as any connected tablets, laptops, and handhelds.

By using the broad technical resources of the Axeda Developer Connection site, DH Solutions rapidly developed the DHARMA solution, using the Axeda Wireless Protocol (AWP) – a powerful messaging protocol used by M2M assets for communicating with the Axeda Platform. The solution includes real-time monitoring and automated rules-based alerts on the data communication device as well as the field-based user interface.

Axeda provided us with the ability to conceptualize, develop, and deploy an M2M solution quickly and cost-effectively,” said Brian Rosema, vice president of marketing, DH Solutions. “The core capabilities of the Axeda Platform not only allowed us to develop DHARMA, but also tailor a wide variety of solutions based on specific deployment needs.

DHARMA enables companies to monitor, control, and gain insight into field assets and how those assets are utilized. A robust set of rules-based alerts provides IT network administrators quick and easy insight into both the modem and the connected asset, including overall device health, asset location, hardware/firmware details, and service-level detail.

The development of DHARMA is exactly what we envisioned when we launched the Axeda Developer Connection community a year ago,” said Mary Wells, CMO, Axeda. “That is to provide enterprises, system integrators, and developers with easy access to our cloud platform and let them quickly build game-changing M2M applications for the markets that they serve.

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