Telit and SemaConnect Lead the Charge in Powering Electric Vehicles

SemaConnect Plugs Telit CC864-DUAL and GC864-QUAD V2 Cellular Modules into ChargePro EV Charging Station

Telit Wireless Solutions, Inc., the U.S.-based mobile technology arm of Telit Communications , announced today that its CC864-DUAL and GC864-QUAD V2 M2M modules will provide cellular capabilities for SemaConnect’s ChargePro, a safe, reliable and convenient charging solution for a new generation of electric vehicles.

As we make the transition to electric vehicles, drivers will require geographically and technologically accessible charging solutions to power their transportation,” said Mahi Reddy, CEO of SemaConnect. ”Using compact Telit modules to access cellular networks allowed for ChargePro’s sleek design and reliable connectivity for both station managers and EV owners, simplifying the adoption of this new way to live and drive.

Specifically designed for commercial-grade applications, ChargePro is a sleek, compact charging unit that is easily installed and integrated into existing facilities at multifamily, office, retail, fleet and municipal parking environments. This intelligent, network-based EV charging system features smart card authentication, energy metering, an automatic payment system, and web-based network management. The ChargePro technology platform is also smart grid-ready, capable of easily tying into power utility programs such as time-of-use pricing and demand response.

Leveraging both the CC864-DUAL and GC864-QUAD V2 Telit modules, compatible with CDMA and GSM/GPRS networks, respectively, ChargePro stations are equipped to both send and receive charging system data. Users can receive real-time emails and text messages regarding the charging status of their vehicle, enhancing consumer experience. Additionally, ChargePro can communicate with back-office management systems via cellular connections, allowing station owners to supervise and control their network remotely.

With the ChargePro, SemaConnect is not only laying the groundwork to meet what will be a sharp increase in demand for electric vehicle charging solutions, but also providing an ideal system for both station managers and users,” said Mike Ueland, vice president and general manager of Telit North America. “The integration of Telit modules into the ChargePro represents dual functionality of M2M technology to enhance consumer experience and provide simple, economically-beneficial remote management solutions for device owners.

The CC864-DUAL, a CDMA-1xRTT 3G module, features the same form factor, function and AT command interface as its GSM/GPRS counterpart, the GC864. This unique family form factor concept enables integrators and OEMs to seamlessly swap Telit modules without costly redesigns and take advantage of the global coverage afforded by leveraging GSM/GPRS and CDMA-1xRTT network technologies for the same application.

The CC864-DUAL incorporates gpsOne® and standalone GPS capability for applications in mobile environments such as telematics, personal and asset tracking. With its ultra-compact design and extended temperature range, the Telit GC864-QUAD V2 is the perfect platform for medium-volume m2m applications and mobile data devices. Both modules boast a range of functions for over-the-air maintenance and management of software.

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